Guitar Hero III - PC Keyboard (noob)


1st try on Guitar Hero PC version
Trying to play "Sunshine of your love" with my keyboard.

Part.1 :
4 years later ...
Part.2 :
Part.3 :

Part.2 Without intro :

Fraps to capture the game
My camera to capture myself
Corel Sideo Studio to mix, sync and mount

[not much interest on this vid now that I know I am not the only one who play with the keyboard this way, but before posting it I though I had invented a way of playing this game lol... then I saw a lot of vid of frets on fire, now I know I didn't invent anything]
  • Melanie Everson

    It's a guitar what do you think he's doing

  • TheComicSans5

    How was all of this binded lol

  • El Taquero :D

    so that's how it's supposed to hold the keyboard

  • Homie Jelly

    you guys trying this guys yutoob carher?? if so... FC ALL SONGS ON EXPERT

  • CoconutProductions

    did you jusy say "coconut" NOOB

  • İlkay Özkara

    abicim odaya gelip senin ananıavradını skerımo rosupcoocudcık gıt lannnnnnnnnnnn

  • Krystel Lavigne

    La langue est francaisThe language is french

  • TSG Cinematographer

    I could do better.... I'll upload later today

  • CorrectDefense

    anyone know how to disable hotkeys so u can use his settings? f1 f2 f3 f4 and f5 are hotkeys so while in game if u tried doing this the game speed would change, youd go back screens, youd close out the game. i still cant find ANYONE who made a guide on how to disable hotkeys

  • Tolis, Tolis1731999

    creativity level 100

  • L.M 16

    Eu Ri kkkkk literalmente

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