Guitar Hero 3 Dragon Force Co-op Expert 100% - Bots playing, 0pts.

Plz, You must fucking Read this before you comment.

This is the pc version of Guitar Hero 3, I've seen some crazy people beating Dragon Force on expert without missing a note. But I had never seen 2 joshs (a crazy guy) beating dragon force on expert. And yes, this is a bot, no highscore or pts for a bot. That's for the cheat prevention.


Core 2 duo e7300, Geforce 8800Gts 512Mb G92, 2Gbs of ram.


Graphics: All maxed out.

Player 1: Bot 1 - Ps2 guitar with keyboard emulation (joytokey).

Player 2: Bot 2 - Xbox 360 Controller Emulation - XInput

Softwares used:

Fraps (for video recoding)

TMpegnc (for video joining)

AutoGk (Used to shrink the video down to a specific size)


6838 Note Streak!
  • light knight Blue

    How do get CO OP on Wii

  • penis wolf

    I like it how the hots got 0 points.

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