How To Set Up A MIDI Keyboard

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(video version) M-Audio USB MIDIsport 1x1 MIDI Interface:

5 Foot Long MIDI to MIDI Connect Cable:

(Simpler Version)EMU XMIDI 1X1 USB MIDI Interface:
  • IamTrash

    I thought you could put songs in a usb and then play it on the keyboard

  • AuRA Shinokage

    is it working with fl studio with another digital plugins or only sends midi? please answer because i think to connect mine synth

  • captainrobots

    Whats a cdI know what a cd is.

  • Lan Chi Đỗ


  • Alex Hardwell

    dude where did you buy that from send me a link of the product of any online shopping please

  • Stanzin Yontan

    whats the latency lol want less latency

  • good mix

    I recorded piano using sustain pedal on cunase 5.but after i mixdown into mp3 file, the sustain gone and piano sounds dashed. Please advise.thanks

  • Unknown Savage

    Can this work with audacity?

  • Ezaarkash

    Can you please make a video to show how to plug the USB cable - my iPad won't show me its USB hole - is it private?

  • Yep Im Forest

    Can someone please tell me every cord i need just to make my yamaha keyboard work?

  • Moody Dude

    is there any advantage in using a midi cable over a printer cable?

  • Ashish Naik

    how can i get this cables

  • Bill Palmer

    I have an M-audio midi controller and want to be able to control 2 different synth instruments separately from the 1 controller. Its connected only to a Triton now but I want to be able to switch to controlling a Roland JP-8000 with the same controller. I need to be able to quickly switch between one synth and the other from the M-Audio. Have you published anything on this?

  • Jimmy Puckett

    If I want to expand the sound set of my Yamaha digital piano to include synth and instrument sounds, can I do this without a computer or an amplifier? In other words can I run MIDI cables into a sound module of some sort and then back to the keyboard so the sound comes out of my keyboard speakers?

  • tmk

    I left like because you're so fucking hot mate!

  • BeatsByZain

    Do you need everything for this to work in laptop or can you just use a USB TO MIDI adapter?

  • Richard Leenders

    Is this compatible with the keyboard: PCM Technics KN750?

  • Sultan Cheasy

    The video shows how to plug in a cable?You are an idiot.

  • Vicky Das

    bro how can I get the software to make sounds with midi keyboard plizzzz help me

  • Magesso Felitiano

    Im buying a MIDI keyboard with input for this whit cable and MIDI inpud as well. do i hve to use bouth? If its about delay - i can get ASIO4ALL. What i mean is how much cabels do i need to connect my MIDI controler to my laptop so it works?I'll be greatful for help :)

  • Grey Sanz

    I bought a midi to usb cable that doesn't plug into an interface like yours did and it's all in one, but I can't seem to get it to work. Anyone know how?

  • chriss1152

    my keyboard only has usb

  • Matt Glickman

    Sick intro man did you sequence that yourself?

  • Tanishq Singh Gaur

    i have that white cable and i didnt needed that hub , my synthesizer Yamaha PSR i 425 has that wierd usb Tip- You can find that White Cable in Your PRINTER , i found it there HP deskjet

  • Ian Garrity

    What model keyboard are you using?

  • Josh Swann

    how do I connect a midi keyboard to a computer?

  • Michelle Smith

    For hardware related issues, visit

  • Joshua Anderson

    this is really helpful, especially because I have that exact piano. thanks!

  • Khristopher Long

    what softwear are u using?

  • nytom4info

    Midi in,midi out ,midi through. Set up a “daisy chain”.

  • will

    do you need the interface?

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