He's a Pirate - Pirates of the Caribbean Theme (Launchpad Cover)

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Sooo, since I did a piano version of "He's a Pirate" and it wasn't the best tempo wise, why not re-play it and also make it 10x better?!
An Orchestral Launchpad cover ;)

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Tutorial Video

My Orchestral Launchpad Playlist!


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Thanks for Watching!
  • vimenpich sok

    Walk off the plank (^_^)

  • Ratan Ojha

    Amazing and unbelievable!!!👍👍👌

  • T.J jini

    Can we play it with launchpad mini


    Everyone that disliked doesnt know whats talent

  • Prince nisar

    you has to be the best pirate i've ever seen.

  • doug shaw

    The memory's rip barbosa

  • BeastBoy

    Why would someone dislike? Please inlighten me

  • Darkwolf gaming

    I already watch the full movie of the Caribbean pirates, and this was the song that I can't stop listening to lol.

  • Aruka Dash

    OMG!! it's too good ^^

  • Fanto

    how did you do to have lots of colors?

  • kktrammy

    5.5K people had a problem with their like button...

  • Maya Camilleri

    I’m amazed 😯😱❤️❤️❤️❤️

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