Girl Power - 2014 Womens World Motocross

Girl Power. The Woman's World Motocross Championship has come of age. With a global reach Kawasaki is proud to have two of the winningest racers in its stable. While French rider Livia Lancelot fights back to fitness, Meghan Rutledge shows antipodean grit - Play hard, Play fair, Play to win...
  • An na

    I never got to race or ride when I was younger cause my mom wouldn't let be but now I can & its fucking awesome

  • mee Hikmah


  • Sandis Roginskis

    where fiolek no back rider?

  • Mr.rm250 Rodney Lynn

    U moto girls r mint ! 👍

  • Rick Smith

    women just see to make ANY sport better and more enjoyable. they were called 'powder puff' class back when I was racing. never really cared for that term, just seemed a bit demeaning, though I'm sure it wasn't meant to be. some of those ladies could rip!!! only had one girl in HS that raced, used to walk her home. sure do miss those days.

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