Rolo and Gisla weding night VIKINGS

Rolo and Gisla weding night
  • willturnerfanAWE

    I've never watched this show but I wonder why she didn't want him?? I'm guessing a forced marriage?

  • Marjorie Sage

    That's why you should only marry for love

  • Jon Snow

    I can’t stand nothing about that French bitch I know she has famous daddy but her voice her face her acting can’t stand it

  • The Great Googly Woogly

    Typical night with Pewdiepie and Marzia.

  • Mertcan_ Ross

    Gisla is really stupit a quenn , she has found a strong someone like Rollo but she still behave bad him In my opinion Gisla want not to fuck with huge a dick.

  • Kazi S

    I haven't had a Rolo for years. Do they still sell them?

  • HereIAm247

    To be fair, she couldn't understand his language, she was forced into a marriage against her will. Rollo was a lot bigger and stronger than her, and could easily abuse her in countless of ways. The fact that he was part of an invasion of her city, and was a viking (who had the reputation to rape, kill and pillage) probably didn't help. Laying on top of her with bare upper body, and suggestive body language kind, and knowing that he is expected to 'consummate the marriage'; I will say I kind of understand her attitude.When that is said, i could not resist that actor, way too hot!

  • Kelly Trindles

    Why she crying stupid bitch I’d be jumping on him ha

  • BluGyal

    What a retarded girl... who tf says no to that. 😍

  • Viktoria Martin

    my too made the sign of the cross when it was time to kiss my v card goodbye...

  • sam summers

    Ugh, good lord that man is beautiful.

  • The Notorious Ewen McGregor

    lol 0:03 she even spits in a french accent

  • Steven Quartz

    I want a husband like this 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nyabin Lia Rodriguez


  • Raphaël D

    she looks frightened, but at the same time she's indignated that he don't care about making love to her.


    luego bien k no paraba de follarselo

  • omg hey there

    seriously though, you lack the invention of antibiotics, childbirth with drugs and probably he wont fuck you enough once he takes like 3300 mistresses. Getting fucked by a hot dude is the least f your worries.

  • Ashley Fellowes

    Vikings... Doesn't do anything for me!!

  • Natalie Kelber

    I laughed too hard at this scene...

  • Foloreille Ulactava

    as a french i have to say i love heard Gisla speak because she sounds like 5 years old retarded child. with a Tourette syndrom

  • Nicolas Costas

    If i had such a fine example of male meat I will open my butt cheeks to receive all his manhood inside me...

  • pop96Life

    I would pay to be fucked by him God

  • Morgan More

    Shut up woman we should all be so lucky!!!

  • Tirza Oesch

    In which Episode is this

  • Alica Ljungberg

    Is she mentally handicapped? She pulls out a knife, but then doesn't strike immediately and loses all element of surprise (a surprise stab to the throat being her only chance in that situation).

  • Kelly Trindles

    Typical mad Christian denying pleasure

  • kenken8765

    This was porn back in the viking age. A bunch of dudes watch as a couple fuck in front of them.

  • Nazira Sagymbekova

    Какая страшная актриса

  • T. C.

    The minute he popped that shirt off i would have already been on top ...

  • Queen Dead

    wtf u fans are disgusting he's a rapist from the first season uuuuugh

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