Rolo and Gisla weding night VIKINGS

Rolo and Gisla weding night
  • fjlsdwhlehwjlrh3i2

    What if he likes getting tickled with the knife..

  • Alica Ljungberg

    Is she mentally handicapped? She pulls out a knife, but then doesn't strike immediately and loses all element of surprise (a surprise stab to the throat being her only chance in that situation).

  • Lolita

    Toma no cu, eu ai já estava com as pernas arreganhadas!

  • Esperanza Tamayo

    Good God, he's gorgeous and really acting like a gentleman! WTF is wrong with her?!!

  • Devitra Suga

    that's some hot role playing

  • Cersei FTW

    Fucking ungrateful bitch

  • pop96Life

    I would pay to be fucked by him God

  • Dorene Garcia

    He's about to fuck his wife and doesn't need an audience.

  • Stiff Wit

    He could do me all night then.

  • Nicolas Costas

    If i had such a fine example of male meat I will open my butt cheeks to receive all his manhood inside me...

  • Ebrahiem Ebrahiem

    those people were very retarded back than , no way he treated her like that if this was truestory

  • David Fernández

    Fucking Rollo, he is the wet dream of every women

  • Ton

    Same as my wedding night. Except there were more knives involved.

  • Lina Miranda

    what is this language?

  • JSandusky69

    You know she wants it. No always means yes.

  • Lianna Pfister

    What even is this dude this show looks good

  • Shalva Qutelia

    Damn her acting sucks :D

  • Rebecca Maclearn

    Bitch he sexy af , you dumb

  • Sloppy


  • virus killerism

    oohhh, what a sweet couples ! LoL

  • Raphaël D

    she looks frightened, but at the same time she's indignated that he don't care about making love to her.

  • Algae health and fitness

    It changed from a dramatic rape to a comedy so fast

  • veLOcity_17

    Was she speaking old Norse ?

  • shelby doucette

    Where can I watch this series

  • mikeythebold tv

    viking blood later helped them to conquer england and later the holy land

  • Marjorie Sage

    That's why you should only marry for love

  • Nyabin Lia Rodriguez


  • Iris Carrell

    I'd jump on that

  • Deepdarkmidnight D.D.M.

    Are they speaking any real language?

  • Kaelyn Petty

    Sorry but wedding has two d'sBut good video this show literally makes you go back in time it's so AWESOME

  • Queen Dead

    wtf u fans are disgusting he's a rapist from the first season uuuuugh

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