Rolo and Gisla weding night VIKINGS

Rolo and Gisla weding night
  • Nat Bet

    i loved Gisla, Love Vikings....

  • W. L. Orodor Calaerchon

    Viking used to big battle axes and some serious cuts, he won't fear a little letter opener.

  • Princess Marshella Horman

    this pairing is at the same level as reylo

  • drummarr61

    Didn't watch this, the ad was still going. It is spelt WEDDING.

  • penguin Kim

    What language is that?

  • David Ladd

    VIKINGS are scum bags

  • Beth Fouchey

    Hi I do care about you I know you miss me see him Sam

  • Alex

    I would hop into bed with that hunkalicious studmuffin in an instant!!

  • KJ Numinous

    She's Roman Polanski's daughter

  • Soldier Breakneck

    LOL He looks like medieval norman as I am look like chinese Geisha.

  • Sebastiaan Summer

    I watched Westworld last week. Seeing this recommened to me..Bad shows i used to watch

  • ivory ella


  • Oscar Santiago

    I would take my clothes off in a instant sexy ass guy

  • John Ming

    Gisla get er done. Wham wham wham honky tonk time

  • anita bowie

    This scene rember me briseide and achille on troy

  • Beth Fouchey

    Is that how you stack

  • Bobo Chimp

    Story of my life lol

  • Kind red

    Now that is love :) lol

  • ivan groznyy

    Испугалась его пиписьки да хер у них был большой

  • Whovian Girl

    Erm actually if a Viking man actually did that to a woman, he would be in massive trouble because she could have said he tried to rape her and he could have been killed for that

  • Ellie Real

    I must be the only person in the world that doesn't watch TV / shows or flims whatevs, ive just watched 1 kissing with Jake & kate EPIC! I needs a cold shower coz i havent had a kiss in yrs how sad I'm I proper now I wants a snog dnt i lol then turned this on just to turn it off! No frecking way its utter filth om bk to hating everyone again this is unforgivable!

  • James Mullin

    I am a decendant of a real Viking named Rolo

  • Santiago MURILLO

    Reminds me of my Wedding Night. I should've grabbed my Nut Sack , & just walked away!

  • Richard Strong

    Siggy had to die in order for Rollo to understand how he should treat other women in his life. This is just him making up for the past.

  • enterme

    If I was her, I would get impregnated by him every night.

  • Genile Bankai Elric

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I’m black and if that were me, I would be swirling like a mofo! Lmao! He is hot as hell! She’s buggin!🤣😂🤣😂🤣. He’d be begging me to stop!😜😜😜💋😂🤣

  • Greta M.

    Aww, he is so nice. And hot. And respectful. And hot :D

  • Screencapped and Emailed to my lawyer

    Your fucking loss here Gisla.

  • Aloïs Bertin

    Que c'est cool d'entendre de l'ancien français !

  • Rachella

    This will be me on my wedding night

  • Snake Stomper 44

    Marital rape doesn't exist.


    I love how it convienently stopped before showing the female double minded thought processes shit test. She didn't exactly want to have sex, but she LOVED the attention. Take the attention away from a female, hell hath no fury as the saying goes.

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