Pirates of the Caribbean (Auckland Symphony Orchestra) 1080p

Klaus Badelt - Music from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, performed by the Auckland Symphony Orchestra.
From the concert "Organ Symphony" recorded November 2012 at the Auckland Town Hall
  • Tony Arc

    ["!enlCrgLzIeF5jvNE9Xb3kt9TlzsCAAAAUFIAAAAHKgEdg53LQIocBY03N8irqFrJz4xzWUORA0RnIeu83IvYeAUW9N6tKO4nYz2OQgUn1RWUiOV35mrVTNZg1gnisB5YsMBCYP_d4Gd5mdNjiCOINkaxcmz0r3mdxpwFoEPJAtHGykhyjP9jesW6k-HSaQU7Ja8UnaVgk0mZatLLMw-Yg2wAKMuEmfTR5niSLJT2QYN1DZhn5oX6EHtFU_5dNZ5W1czBPBSU6X8V3GdTJNGo2LXgNwD47HM67k-cjml1kMQFE3QU_T03zP9aWPY6ORD6PIfJ-fguvP0BWWCXG-c1tyKAFWNBTdqBFNMgWlMwlQwp6SUTW7XnTMDuKVooSMXxTaFlReVhMHQaxbuNUkIkbPMwlUC6WuC5Q2wlgl9E","Just MIND BLOWING!!!!",[[[null,null,1]],null],false]

  • Vogel Lukas

    Perfect so nice respect

  • numia

    that sounds very good actually better than in the movie

  • Raju Chhabhaiya

    wow very nice perfomance......lovely boss.

  • Geta coll

    I love the orchestra!

  • Cephyron

    The only thing I find sad about this are the sleeping old people in the audience...

  • tigerraven And co

    We did almost same thing in Austrailia for soundtrack vic regionals we made it almost sound the same with clarinets and fluets for melody song pirates of carabine but no strings

  • MiDo MaGiiC

    142 stupid dislike this video -_-

  • Firemaster39

    U can see the conductor is having fun conducting this

  • Greenjah81

    That was fun! Beautiful

  • athorsby52611

    Oh my gosh this made me cry!! Sooooooooooooo incredible!!!!

  • claudia poblete

    Saludos desde chile me emociona you are great o muy god really ...

  • Om Nepuri

    literally awesomeI can feel Jack Sparrow in my heart

  • Meneses Augusto

    Please see my version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC4AEyNc2AI&feature=youtu.be&a

  • helhkr

    Thank you very much for this. It's very hard to listen to good music with little or no money here in Brazil. Once again, thanks to all people in this wonderful performance.

  • Mimi Hess

    This is a very good song😊❤❤❤

  • Angela Maria Barillas Chavez

    Excelente orquesta sinfónica

  • Qaqamba Simamkele Ntshobane

    It had me smiling and tapping all the way to the end. Beautiful :)

  • Cloridrato de nafazolina

    Incrível!!!:DDDD Um dia quero tocar como eles!!!

  • lissalives Smoot

    Next to Jurassic Park, this is my next favorite musical score.

  • xXMrFireKingXx

    good good good good good love britday you P.S:eu sou brasileiro

  • Jorge Sefrin

    I liked more this than the other of the film

  • Whet???

    Is it my phone or does this video only have 2 comments?!

  • Jade Munoz

    The orcas try was amazing I am a big fan of pirates of the Caribbean 😃😆😆😆😆

  • Jesús M. Toribio

    Hey guys, I'd be very happy if you take a look at my own rendition of this tune and tell me what u think! Thankssssss       watch?v=LagpMvRf-Bg

  • tigerraven And co

    They should do the game of thrones theme song

  • Joe Snakepit

    The girl in the percussions is cute though. Haha

  • MUFC!!

    this is amazing !!!

  • ferrari2k

    1:48 best part :DJust imagine Captain! Jack Sparrow gliding into the harbour :D

  • 지상윤

    Wonderful very Nice!

  • Andre Stallard

    Andre Stallard says Awsome

  • Ang badang

    The snare drum gets me every time...

  • Samflower

    Very good! Do Star Trek themes too! That would be awesome!

  • tigerraven And co

    They have a nice concert hall there

  • Hamza benamara


  • Κυριάκος Χαλβατζής

    500k views and 3 comments.. is this real?

  • Johannes Romani

    550000 views and 3 comments

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