Guitar Hero III - PC Keyboard (noob) - part.2


Part.1 :
4 years later ...
Part.2 :
Part.3 :

Part.2 Without intro :

Game : Guitar Hero III PC (Level : Expert)
Capture : Fraps to capture the game, Sony HDR-PJ260 to capture myself
Video Editong : Corel VideoStudio Pro X5
Keyboard : daskeyboard Professional - model S :
  • Airtrooper719 XBL

    How I un-noobed myself. Went on Amazon, bought cheap wired GH2 Xplorer, 5 starred TTFATF :D

  • The Legend of Um Garoto Normal ツ

    oloko o cara humilho, eu n sei nem jogar no hard com a "guitarra"

  • M&M's_DK

    Now i think u should play through fire and flames on keyboard ;]

  • Leonan Fischer

    Tem q ser só esse Teclado?

  • Danil Lis

    Красавчик,я бы так не смог

  • Sarazin Francis

    wow,je joue bien sur la guitare mais la sur un clavier je serait le plus nul hahahah!

  • 99jhera99

    es facil jugar con teclado :v

  • ziann loville

    how do you get this game on pc?!

  • Furkan Arkan

    I beat gh 3 on easy with keyboard


    lol the intro is hilarious

  • Stephen Peterson

    The comment you made was English , so why not the game

  • Reiki Shinzou

    Can you use the keybaord on guitar hero without FOF or is FOF required, I would like t get GH5 and use my keyboard

  • Cereal Killer

    How do you make it work tho? Ive been trying to play at least in medium but I dont know what to press when there are two tiles at the same time, can you help me?

  • Somebody Stole My Goddamn Car Radio

    You should see my 6 year old self playing Impulse on expert only with arcade buttons and a joystickNOOB

  • Fuswen

    Omg I Rember Watching This Back In 2012 haha good memories

  • waste of oxygen

    How do you get such low input lag? I'm trying myself with my keyboard, can't play for shit...

  • Yadi E. Arboleda

    como configuro el teclado como tu ?

  • Arley Vilela


  • Marks Gamer

    le dice noob por lo menos es mas inteligente que tu

  • Monsieu Metal

    si tu plug la guitare de 360 ça march ou pas

  • Mert Kaya

    Good job my friends :D.

  • TLB Chains

    my star power doesnt work... im using a keyboard, someone HELP

  • Trang Nguyen

    Do not ever trust DELL trust DASKEYBOARD!!

  • Linx

    Can I get your settings please?

  • Pechenite Gameri

    how to use the power ups in guitar battle vs tom morrello

  • BlueChaoz

    i could sleep to those keyboard clicks, mmmm

  • FictionalPenguin

    I play like this on hard not quite perfect but I can get songs like soothsayer, we three kings and a couple dragon force songs 75 percent with keyboard

  • X9 TX

    Noob!!! you suck i seen better

  • Samer Otaiza

    El Guitar Hero III se me hace muy dificil con el teclado

  • Rittirong Metallica

    Hey you're not noob , you can do it.

  • Castiel Osen

    I have a Probleme Pls Help ! When i PRESS MY f4 (Blue) with another key say F3 the note wont work for some reason !

  • Evancaw - Request Games

    How do you get this to open on PC when I try it says I need to "Upgrade" to windows 2000 or 98?!?!?! Please help.

  • jordantriks

    Se equivoquo en el minuto 4:50 =[

  • BananaSplitz

    It's 2017 now, might as well make a part 3 now. Five years later.

  • Hannez Frohm

    I have a question. I wanna be able to win against the bosses but how do I attack the boss on PC? Is there a way to do it or can't you attack the opponent on PC, because you can't tilt your computer like you do with the guitar hehe. Help would be very appreciated.

  • Bruno Hernandez

    wao yo no siquiera le puedo dar bien

  • Telestro

    someone help on certain notes when i strum while pressing them nothing happens. its not me missing the notes. cause i even just tried spamming the strum button and it didnt register. it just doesnt work

  • nalendra surya wicaksana

    where you downloaded it? please

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