"He's a pirate" HD Exclusive : Live performance by D.Garrett (Composed By H. Zimmer & K. Badelt)

"He's A Pirate" composed by Hans Zimmer & Klaus Badelt for movie "Pirates Of The Caribbean"

****Live performance by David Garrett*****

Pirates of the Caribbean.
Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.


  • Wade Williams

    Disappointing arrangement in my opinion.  They essentially left out all the low-end parts to highlight his playing. That's a gross distortion of the work and makes it much less enjoyable.

  • Kashish Shah

    0:57 Steve Jobs0:45 Harry Potter1:42 Best fucking moment. This is the reason why I love artists so much because they their fans even more :')

  • Khalid

    Jack Sparrow is the best character in whole cinemas history 😔 Johny Depp is Legend

  • ZChan Singha

    The best thing about POTC

  • Chandan Roy


  • FLYER Grumman

    Great performance!!! Thank you

  • harish nair

    Bloody awesome.... 👌👌

  • Selena Su

    1:50 I blush so hard


    wonder full team work  for D.Garrett

  • Prasanna Mnpk

    What a fabulous music is this

  • Reshma R S

    I can feel Cap.Jack here..Goosebumps..

  • Sachin Pandey

    M I the only one.. dreaming to play like this..😳😣😣

  • mayur waghela

    Outstanding performance

  • 紅身。


  • Mohsina taj

    oh my god its incredible music

  • Alexis Padilla

    I liked jack sparrow



  • Gopi V Gopi V


  • Piano Hammers

    Marketing: Please, watch my piano version of this song. Thanks!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnNkTGeXK8w

  • Ahmed Sharapov

    He's simply and a cool dude

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