Diane plays Pirates of the Carribean, Halo, Rolling in the deep in a belgian hospital

Klaus Badelt, Beyonce, Adèle
  • Queen Sarah

    Why can't I play piano(I think it's because I don't practice)

  • x. jeeenny

    Am I the only one who see that older man with a mask ? He make me really sad.. I don't know why 😂🙁 But the Girl.. damn she got it 😂❤ I've never seen a little girl wich is so talented.. I love her so much ❤ I play the piano 5 years and I'm really bad.. And then came this girl and I realised that I'm more bad then I thought.. 😂😂

  • Ivamarija Eraković

    Beautiful talented girl 👏🏼❤️

  • x Xveron!caX x

    1:47 that lady eating her nails 😂😂

  • Dog Wood

    Buy your child a piano instead of video games.

  • Weisch76 __

    I hope her parents didn't took her to this piano .......... So sad

  • Foxanne Moonshadow

    and I can only play Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Max Bien


  • Torkai Animations

    This is fake. Can u hear the background music behind it. Idiots.

  • Amber Leggat

    Wow... She's an amazing piano player!

  • Paz Chile


  • Max Bien


  • megan hobbs

    She is so good at the piano

  • kristo gaming

    you are soo great at playing piano girlkeep doing that i love it

  • m t

    3:30 minutes in i finally notice the 3 sticky notes 😂 im blind

  • Madison Lo

    I am ten i used to play the at 4 and then I stopped so I am now starting back to play and I could bearly finsh a song in 1:00 she is talented

  • Jayshanie Tupuola-Tilialo

    That’s talent right there that’s so happy and beautiful how she plays it I feel like I’m in heaven 😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

  • vilniic mini

    Did anyone else clap at the end with out thinking about it 😂

  • poke slayer

    It was so good I played this 10 times in a row

  • Mia Gardner

    Roses are red,Violets are blue,There's always that little kid,Who's better than you.

  • Lilian Hayes

    And here I am playing piano tiles

  • Max Bien

    your parents must be very grateful for someone that can share so much to all and the the world with all that you give at such a very young age you must have great piers and mentors your songs and tallent moivated me to give back

  • Ann-Charlott Svensson

    She is amazing <3

  • Allegra Cofini

    3:09 pirata of Caribbean

  • iqra mohamed

    Very talented she is a prodigy

  • Pam L

    That creepy guy in the mask tho, haha

  • Erica Critti

    BRAVO..(standing clapping). BRAVO...if I was there I would of given her roses...beautiful...you brought tears to my eyes.

  • Spartan 117

    Her fingering is not right ur hands have to be like a spider 🕷

  • Pam L

    ........either than that, the girl plays really good!

  • Max Bien

    giving to any one is the greatist gift and reward no matter where you are nor go in life

  • Mg Goh

    This is such an outstanding cover of all those songs. I especially loved the Pirate of the Carribean song

  • Julissa Alvarez

    This is just amazing, this girl got some serious talent in her.

  • cloudloves aj and more

    No sheet!? GOD is that you?

  • Mr. Derp

    1:45 OMG That man in red OMG

  • Richard Smout

    It's amazing what the threats of not eating can achieve

  • Maddog Meep

    She’s fantastic but there’s no spark, no emotion in the music she plays. Imagine how many hours, months and days she put into practicing. She truly is talented but it seems like she has no true motivation. It’s fantastic that she’s sharing her amazing talent with others though. I could be completely wrong, it might be a fact that she doesn’t show her emotion while playing but it’s still there. Either way I hope she finds joy in her talent

  • Charli Davis

    That kid has talent!👏👍

  • ii_pinexpples_ii

    So when I was her age I was trying to do my grade 5 scales and pulling my face off because my life was legit over...

  • ThatsMyGame

    People who can play he's a pirate by pirates of the Caribbean or any pirates of the Caribbean music like Davy Jones theme are a legend and this girl is a legend

  • Mavis Kurta

    I know she’ll go far.

  • The Raven Boys

    1:37 (guy on the left) when you have to do a heart surgery but there's a girl playing a piano at the entrance

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