Thomas Krüger – Flashmob Medley – Airport Paris-Orly

Nice spontaneous Medley at Airport Paris-Orly!

Hit the Road Jack - (Ray Charles)
Can Can - (Jacques Offenbach)
Turkish Marsh - (Mozart)
Money, Money - (ABBA)
Für Elise - (Beethoven)
Comptine d'autre été / Amèlie - (Yann Tiersen)
He's a pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean) - (Hans Zimmer)
  • Edoardo Laloé

    Thomas is gonna kill you during your sleep with his claws

  • Marco M

    515 Leute die absolut keine Ahnung von Musik haben. Hört doch Radio FFH und lasst die Finger von Youtube

  • Alban Bounine

    Super !! ( millième commentaire !!)

  • alex glv

    ппц сколько сыграл ))

  • TheXx1nfinityxX

    You look like Shawn Mendez side view.

  • John Hernandez

    Name of first song??

  • Frederik Schumann

    2.1 Millionen Aufrufe er hat es verdient er hat so viel Talent OMG❤

  • Cinnamon Nugget!

    Wow! if i could play like that i'd play "Hit the road, jack" for my grandma. she loves that song.

  • Tim Timych

    Телка, та которая ближе сидела, по ходу готова уже была дать ему

  • 2D

    Omfg I remember the first song but I can seem to recall what is it called again ?

  • Julian Weiss

    Geiles Video bitte mehr davon!

  • ben drifter1

    this is so good I want to do this but I can't play piano Im crap at it teach me dude Lol keep up the good work

  • Big_hero Ryujin

    It’s beautiful magnifique

  • Julian Weiss

    Wie heißt das erste Lied?

  • Kalin Nikolov

    The Hit the road Jack cover😍

  • Mateo Shkullaku

    you are a good artist

  • Marlin B.

    I feel that the video was in 1.5 speed hahah. I love it than you for sharing

  • Mateo Shkullaku

    because I also deal with music

  • Vlasta Verner

    i looveeeeeeeee this this is Amazing mega best 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 idk what i say but this is Amazing you are KING


    How do you not get up and do the can can, people be truly dead inside.

  • Luisillo :v

    Alguien puede decir cuales son todas las canciones que toco :v

  • Glühwurmelenchen

    Allein wegen "He's a pirate" ist es unglaublich. LOVE IT!

  • kath71km

    Hi Thomas I’m a piano student hoping to be like you one day keep it going bro 🎹

  • Timur M

    Научите меня играть кто ни будь

  • Giuseppe Angelino

    La canzone all'inizio come si chiama?

  • Z1lla

    Лайк, если тоже Русский)

  • Nico Trost

    Bei dem Video kommen Glücksgefühle hoch😊

  • Takács Ákos

    This guy is amazing👌

  • HadesXY

    i like myself some ragtime once in a while. and god damn, everytime i here the Emily song i want to watch that movie (and i have seen it already more then 10 times but it never gets old)

  • Max Mustermann

    @Thomas Krüger – Mr. Pianoman Bitteeee die Noten für Hit the road Jack. Von wem ist das Arrangement?

  • SkillArzt

    Irgendwie sieht der Typ im Hintergrund aus wie T-Bag von Prison Break

  • Jorge adrian Rocha Badia

    El joven es un profecional tocando el piano adrian rocha bedia muchas gracias silao guanajuato mexico

  • Sergey Nikitin

    WOW. Hit the road Jack. It's amazing

  • Enzo Bob

    2.48? What is this song?

  • Maxime Valery

    WhatsApp IS music at 3:10

  • I hate Snakeu

    Hauptsache ich sitz so for meinem PC und fang am ende an zu klatschen😂😂

  • 杨紫曦

    like you proformance👏

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