Kebu - Perplexagon Part 3 (Live @ Assembly 2016)

Perplexagon Part 3 performed live at Assembly Summer 2016 during Kebu's Perplexagon Tour on August 6, 2016.

The song was performed using only analog synthesizers, either played live or sequenced. The performance was recorded directly from the mixer to a stereo track and later mixed together with the ambience from the venue.

Equipment used in this song: Korg Poly 61, Polysix, Mono/Poly, Micro-preset M500; Roland TR-808, Juno 60, Alpha Juno 1&2; Jomox AirBase99; Touched-by-sound DRM1; Oberheim Matrix 1000; Alesis Andromeda A6; Dave Smith Tetra; MAM MB33 mk II; Akai MPC2500 (only for MIDI sequencing); Yamaha 01V96; Lexicon MPX500, MPX500, MPX1; Kenton Pro-2000 mk II, as well as a midi patchbay and additional preamps for my mixer.
  • costa erra

    LOL This guy is fucking ridiculous ! XD oh my gosh... Jean michel jarre "worst edit" ! :)) No brain music. hey beku ! huuhuu

  • george shaw


  • Ulrich Vachon

    Super son mec, bravo !

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