Bloodborne Debut Trailer | Face Your Fears | PlayStation 4 Action RPG

Introducing Bloodborne, the latest Action RPG from renowned Japanese developer FromSoftware, exclusively for the PlayStation®4 system.

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Face your fears as you search for answers in the ancient city of Yharnam, now cursed with a strange endemic illness spreading through the streets like wildfire. Danger, death and madness lurk around every corner of this dark and horrific world, and you must discover its darkest secrets in order to survive.

May contain content inappropriate for children, visit for rating information
  • To Die Gallant

    I want to see a new Demon Souls.

  • Evilyn Kreep

    W E N E E D B L O O D B O R N E 2

  • shane renaud

    1:38 to 1:50 is pretty much why i play this game

  • Ibrahem Mazori

    I dont know why people love this game so much, some one tell me?

  • robinjam

    > Video features dog getting cut in half with a saw cleaver and man's skull being broken open like a coconut> "May contain content inappropriate for children"

  • Yj77

    This was a huge disappointment

  • Scranner Boi

    3 years later, this trailer is still fantastic

  • Solembum

    Grandpa Theobald likes it.)

  • Greg Fulton

    3 years old and still one of ps4s greatest titles

  • Pls sub Pls

    Demon souls was greatDark souls was better, Bloodborne was the best. Every time Miyazaki creates a new world, it's better than the one before it. So to all the "dark souls 4" fanboys it's better if from software just makes a new game with a new theme.

  • ReaversEdge

    bless us with bloodand let us cleanse these foul streets

  • WuBattlescarr shogun

    Trying to figure out which boss is that at the end of the vid

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