Midi Keyboard Controller Setup in Reaper

In this video, I show you how to assign most of the general features of a MIDI keyboard controller to control things in Reaper.

This is taken from my longer video regarding setting up the A-800 Pro MIDI Keyboard in Reaper. The only difference between this video and that is that I cut to the chase here by skipping the Drum Pad setup, since what I did there mainly only applies to the A-800 Pro itself.

(I apologize for the overlay video being out of sync a bit. That's my video editor messing up and there wasn't a ton I could see to do about it. It didn't happen in the original video, though.)

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4gmFLIrv0c
(This section of the video begins at 5:00)


If your MIDI keyboard or controller has Drum Pads, you can set them up by doing the following:

1: Create an Instrument track and put 8 instances of ReaSamplOmatic5000 on it. (Or, if your controller has more than 8 drum pads, add one instance of ReaSamplOmatic for each pad.)

2: Find out what MIDI note each drum pad is assigned to. To do that, in ReaSamplOmatic, you need to adjust the Note Start and Note End, narrowing them down until you find the correct value. Set the Note Start to 1 and the Note End to 127 and slowly move the Note Start up until the Dynamic Pad stops triggering in ReaSamplOmatic - that means you just passed its assigned value. Going back down, the value that first starts to trigger it is the correct value. Set both the Start and End note to that value. Do that for every instance of ReaSamplOmatic and the sampler will work. (Be sure to save your own track template of this updated sampler so you can use it in the future.)

To start, you can download the track template I made for the Roland A-800 Pro, and just add/rename tracks and adjust the Start and End note values as you need to.

A-800 Pro Dpad Sampler track template:


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  • Will Helliwell

    Always come back to this vid when I do a clean install on my PC and forget how to setup Reaper. Thanks man!

  • Alexander Sherstnyov

    so Reaper is fantostic dawъ.

  • succ

    Could you please make a video how to set up reaper for games? So i can play the music through reapear to Garry's Mod. You don't have to do if you don't want to, It's alright. ( If you find a link on a video how to do it, could you please link me to it, All i can find is fucking Reaper from overwatch )

  • Shan Michael Escasio

    im new to reaper. im also new to using Addictive Keys. i want to record using addictive keys and i own a korg kross synthesizer. can i also do this on a synth? as i can see you are using a midi controller.

  • bob bob

    I can't get my midi to even get recognized by the program it does respond to the midi at all

  • Edward Morris

    yeah doesn't work. I try different buttons on my midi and the little box in reaper actions only acknowledges buttons selected from computer's keypad.

  • William Stewart

    never seen anyone control a piano with his knob before! lol! nice vid, btw! Reaper is the bees kneez! :-)

  • Old Yaomans

    You gotta earn more money than you make? -Lets think about that

  • Siddharth Sarwate


  • Old Yaomans

    you explained the VST learn function but I had to figure out how to save that in the controller, otherwise, when you turn everything off, your VST controller settings will be lost.

  • Hubert Lohmaier

    I tried to assign a knob (as you have: A1-A8) for to mute a track. It works, but when pressed it mutes the track and as soon as I release the knob it switches back (unmuted) again. So it sadly behaves like a doubleclick. Do you know a way for simulating a single-click?

  • Jorge Caicedo

    Doesn't work w/ my Oxygen 8

  • K Dub

    thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for.

  • aquilario

    Excellent, thanks a lot.

  • Eric Phan

    If I set one knob to a VST control, then I set that same knob to the volume fader in Reaper, will these two clash when I use it?

  • Jakub Checinski

    is there a quicker way to do this like in Ableton

  • Davieb2007

    I wish I could control a piano with my nob

  • Dylan Maurits

    I have a MPK mini. It does nothing when I turn a knob. :(

  • Rhythm Guitar Man

    Great video, really helpful. I want to be able to control my piano with my knob too..!

  • The Geat

    I can set the volume button to just one channel, one track. Can you actually do that for every track you make?

  • Jaron Belboda

    Thank you! This was really helpful. I've been trying to setup my keystation 61 to work in Reaper--without success. Now that it works I'll look up how to keep the transport section from triggering actu actual notes at the same time. lol

  • pryere

    worked for me...thank you, much appreciated.

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