GoPro: Adam Cianciarulo Moto 1 - Unadilla MX Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 2016

Watch Adam Cianciarulo during Moto 1 at the tenth round of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in Unadilla, New York!

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from
  • Rich Star

    Why did that sound so bad at 1.25......

  • David Miller

    I'm sorry but those 4 strokes sound like shit but he's rippin

  • Adamski298

    Im disappointed knowing he had to settle for 4th. Not even 3rd but 4th.

  • sshutup urface

    All i see is people overtaking him

  • Konrad Szyszka

    Nice easy and smothe track

  • Scoot_ Wille

    He got some big balls!!

  • Sawyer_ Vision

    holy shit ac is rely moving

  • Robert Rishel

    Looks to me like he has truckloads of speed, that's not his problem at all, it's more than likely fitness, at least during this moto. Seems pretty obvious to me, he starts out just ATTACKING, then he gets tired and slows down.

  • Wazzup

    Man he did a great job getting the hole shot and holding it out. That 250 was fast too! Those 4 strokes 250's have a ton of power.

  • Pedro Morales

    Advantage error sacred program personality others drum missing

  • Carlospicywiener

    9 out of 10 valves didnt like this clip

  • oozyboozy1

    obviously sped the video up quite a bit! lol

  • Jack Rolfsness

    Man the beginning that throttle was wide open

  • Eugenia Castillo

    Estando primero se deja pasar que wey ...

  • Forrest Nelson

    When I was at Southwick motocross track in 2010 I got his numberplate and yes I still have it


    life comes at you fast when you trade your world renowned trainer for your dad

  • Jana Balogova

    Nice bike iLife how you ride

  • Luke Wienecke

    What GoPro setting do you use?

  • kepler240

    I watch these videos for 2 minutes and start sweating then realize they have 30 minutes to go. best athletes in the world. when I raced it was 5 laps. I once had a friend that didn't know jack about motocross ask me why they didn't race 2 1/2 hrs like nascar does!!! I said probably because everyone of them would die of exhaustion half way through the race.

  • KBshred

    It sounds so good when he brake taps just holdin er wide

  • UncleStashu

    Didn't Unadilla used to have bumps? No offense, but this isn't Unadilla. This sucks. It's really a joke what they've done to motocross.

  • Brodie Lucas

    New clutch plates after 1 moto


    25 guys race 2 strokes

  • Natalie Deyton

    Adam don't have the speed like Cooper.

  • CT MTB

    How fast do they get

  • mdo686

    I could do with out the annoying horn blowers that make's moto-cross sound like a Swiss downhill race.

  • David Swanson

    Adam get faster in the corners u gotta get fast in them

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