Guitar Hero Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - Expert - 100% - HD

Deuxième vidéo de Guitar Hero et je vend du rêve aujourd'hui !
Second video of Guitar Hero and I sells dream today!

Oh my god !!!
500.000 Vues ! Merci beaucoup ! Vous êtes incroyables =D
500.000 views ! Thanks you very much ! You are amazing =D
  • Furkan yetimoğlu

    tu ne peux pas parle bon anglais xD

  • 211Appolo

    How are your notes so slow? Mine are fast as shit.

  • Driisty

    Est-ce que tu as eu des problèmes à acuse des copyright ? Psk normalement toutes les musiques de guitar hero sont protégées par des droits d'auteur !

  • El Chiringuito de Eric

    muy bueno los vídeos...SUSCRIBETE también a mi canal !!!

  • Hoxton Bombber

    Ke recuerdos 😊 cuando tenia ese juego

  • Ricardo Diaz Mora

    se levanta la guitarra

  • Jonathan Morales

    one of my all time favorites...I love this game and metallica...cant wait for their new album

  • Taïssir

    Wow. Est-ce que le GH Metallica est vraiment facile ? Parce que cette chanson, si c'est bien en expert serait un début de difficile dans GH 3 ou World Tour... C'bizarre xo

  • Alex Bunn

    I got 99 % on this before with only 5 notes missed I was so gutted but couldn't get close to that again it was just a lucky go

  • Natasya Husna

    sembilan bulan yg lalu :-)##"

  • Darwin Fz

    I impressed when james actually sing..

  • Noah Maillard

    for when one music of Younès Grandjean in this game? Santiano? because she is very hard

  • Slava Tabasko - Nothing Else Matters | cover by Слава Tabasko

  • Jojoulino Loukanikaki

    you are VERY VERY good! <3

  • Niko_Dragovich

    500.000 views ! Thanks you everyone ! :D

  • todd flynn

    i can play this on gutair in real life

  • Philanthrope

    Une des seules chansons de Metallica dans GHM qui a moins de 1000 notes. Ou peut-être la seule. MDR bref, elle est quand même bien.

  • BABO_414

    My childhood...right there

  • Dj Panda

    0:46 escucho algo -_-

  • david hofmann

    super mobile version

  • anthony lachenicht

    which guitar hero is this?

  • Natasya Husna

    sembilan bulan yg lalu :-)##"

  • Zero Zeta

    Busco gente para jugar online al guitar hero metallica o a cualquier otro con el que se pueda jugar con la batería del GH.Nivel medio, hora española de tardes hasta las 22:00, o por las noches con bajo o guitarra a cualquier GH o RB, también nivel medio aunque ahí soy peor :s. Mandar ip para mandar invitación ;)

  • Joshua Brooks

    One of the greatest songs of all time. It's hard to believe that James, Kirk, and Lars have kept Metallica going for going on 34 years now. Here's to hoping they last another 34 years!

  • Canal Lucas Phelim

    niko thanks jogos terros

  • Vitor Hugo

    você jogou guitar hero no PS4

  • Tauan Vidal

    Parabéns irmão, toca muito!! :D

  • erickr199

    I love the guitar hero versions because they sound like a live version but played exactly as in the studio

  • Emma c:

    Maintenant tu achètes le micro et tuchantes c:

  • EnclaveTesla

    I played the shit out of this song back in 2013. amazing how 3 years flew by so fast.

  • Simon Lawrence

    Nothing else matters than having a Battery.

  • Ju-Jutsu im Turnverein Bergheim/Sieg 1909 e.V.

    If you like Guitar Hero, you will love this Android Game:

  • Thalie Saillant

    Cool. Un Youtubeur qui parle français, enfin!! 😊

  • Tim Timm

    Lol playing it on expert I can play this whole song on my guitar. Hahahaha

  • ScienceDrummer

    Just an English comment passing through.

  • EnclaveTesla

    I played the shit out of this song back in 2013. amazing how 3 years flew by so fast.

  • Moises Araujo

    EU amo details mais Metallica des da minha adolecente

  • Yolo12 Drago

    The game is real, from than guitar hero is???

  • Living Death

    Wow Lars looks more like a lemon sucker more than real life lol...

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