Wycliffe Gordon 'Sweet Louisiana' Trombone Solo

For other solos:

Carlos Henriquez: bass
Bob Wilber: clarinet
Ali Jackson: drums
Dan Nimmer: piano
Olivier Franc: saxophone
Victor Goines: saxophone
Wycliffe Gordon: trombone
Wynton Marsalis: trumpet

Jazz in Marciac 2009
  • Ladyh Sua

    ay dios....cómo es posible!!!

  • Mitchell knox

    what kind of mute is the bone using?

  • Jack Shand

    17 trumpeteers disliked this video

  • Izedric Crump

    I'm flabbergasted right now.

  • robz75rr

    That trombone dear lord has blessed with his almighty sound godaim

  • Joe Phillips

    1:50 "Huh"

  • TJ Pitchford

    Even as a trombone player. I really enjoyed that saxophone solo.

  • Mateus Teles

    alguem sabe o nome dessa borracha que ele usa no trombone? Obg

  • RougeRapier :

    this dude's over here overpowering a mute whilst using a hat at the same time

  • Timi T.

    The trombone solo was about all the blues in heart, so much soul.

  • Felipe Douglas

    um dia eu vou tocar igual a ele

  • Eric Ponder

    Hello Tyler will jack and Parker

  • John Salinas

    Such nice instruments

  • jaslawrence

    I wanna hear this on Christmas ^~^

  • Nigrum Romanum

    The Trombone sounded like Louis Armstrong

  • Aquafina Perez

    the dude playing the clarinet looks happy af, makes me happy as well , makes it give it that feel that they are good friend that used to play in a band and decided to do it again and they are just having fun doing it, I love that feeling.

  • Savannah Beaupre

    Yes!!! The Trombone is lovely and amazing a aspire to be that good.

  • athousand teddybears

    i feel like this is off of a movie

  • BigBadJerkTV

    Who was playing the soprano sax???

  • Brandon Natson

    ooouuuu.... wyclef.... so nasty .......l love it! so much expression.

  • Abraham Eudave

    Why is he holding a toilet plunger?

  • will3wright

    The rhythm section is this is the current one of Jazz at Lincoln Center

  • Antonio Nešić

    Guy's face even at 2:06 is still epic :)

  • Daniel Gunter

    Damn! I don't know the name of the guy playing the soprano sax, but he's cool beyond words. Of course, so is Wycliffe Gordon--but props to the soprano sax player for some beautifully melodic work.

  • Kokiri&VeryLost

    1:50 Wynton: " wow...."

  • PresidentMocha

    How would one get that sound on trombone?

  • Edvaard 123

    No wonder he got a tap on the knee from Wynton...

  • José Edgar Beraldi

    Sensacional!!! Que Show , muito lindo!!

  • עידו הרפז

    where i could have sheets for this ?

  • Ellen Medeiros

    0:04 the dude is playing a soprano sax, 0:51 is Wycliffe playing a trombone, lovely song too. But I don't understood the solo part unless you're talking that the Wycliffe Gordon was the only playing trombone?

  • Deadeyenumber2

    oh my god, I love that feeling when you get the goosebumps and warm feeling when you hear a trombone speak

  • Ezekiel Beltran

    1:11 i love when Goines is just wading like hes in a field. hes feelin it

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