Guitar Hero Live - Emotional Fall Out Boy Song - 100% Expert FC



My first GHL FC. More to come. This one's pretty easy and emotional lol.

Check out Plumato's channel. He edited this video and is the homie:


Several more GHL and GHWOR videos will come. Check my scores:

Good to see all y'all again!
  • FriendlyGuy59

    i played guitar hero for awhile. but this took me like 10 mins to start on expert and 100% songs.

  • Chase Anthony Brewer

    Your strumming sounds like a rollercoaster climbing up "chkchkchkchckchckchk"

  • The joker I can't wait to show you my toys

    But you are still good though bro keep doing great videos like this and I'm going to subscribe to you

  • Robinrocks

    I still have the first guitar hero and I have that through world tour

  • chandler price

    Guitar hero is absolutely nothing like the real guitar

  • JackParrandini

    Have you good LIKE, men, hopefully the next guitar hero is 10 buttona

  • KawaiiFox606 HD

    You make this look easy

  • Nathan Emo 4ever bvb Schuler

    this kid is retarded

  • DataPurge115

    Guys I think this man is joeysworldtour's long lost son

  • LetsKatieLoveHue love

    they should make this guitar game w the real drums real electric guitar and base so it looks real alive please???????? love u

  • malik vis

    profesnel asmem wowe im realy wowe

  • Shaun Nuske

    I got the Guitar Hero the new one and I suck at it

  • johhn Pena

    ... hiand he's good

  • Roscko

    wow can't believe they took away thw colors from the game to something pretty boring

  • Gamerboy2006 R

    i belive this guy cna play the guitar


    Learn how to talk and then make a vid.

  • Cameron Meetze

    How long has this kid lived in his moms basement

  • zjoshuac

    "Ay ay ay! I can play the real guitar now! I can do it! I ca-I ca-I pu-I random noise

  • haloshinder

    This looks like Medium difficulty for the old Guitar Hero's.

  • Mr J

    "Emotional Fall Out Boy Song"

  • Crimson Rose

    Honestly, the only thing I don't like about the game is the click sound the guitar makes when I'm playing. I mean, it helps some people, but it bugs me.

  • Kawaii Ash

    Was he puking or was just so overwhelmed 😂😂

  • Joshua Potter

    it dose not make you better.

  • Ploisy

    Help, Can I ask you for help?I actually just bought that game and I was so excited but then I noticed that upwards the strum bar doesnt work, Do you know maybe how to fix that problem? Or do I have to send it back?

  • Lee Attewell

    I hope this video is sarcastic :/

  • majorly depressed

    remembers me of that one South Park episode

  • Damian Torres

    Guitar hero live is garbo

  • Jrsam25 Gaming

    This guitar hero has shit songs that aren't even rock the only rock ones r dlcs

  • Ravioli Ravioli don't fuck the Dragon Loli

    This game kinda sucks

  • Colton Griffin

    lol so many salty people in the comments, are they serious or joking?

  • ImaDipstick

    Cough cough rock band is better cough cough...

  • Cameron Meetze

    It's fake 0:15 - 0:30 he doesn't tap the buttons he lays his finger on them

  • Kosteri x

    your skills suck and no it does not make you better at real guitars.

  • Katmazter76

    Yo I think your thigh is coming down with a disease

  • HWM Torque Jr

    wait there are only 3 notes in this game LOL I NEED THIS

  • Stephanie Tudder

    Yea he is nathan emo

  • Nightmare Creepypasta

    3:17 He went all arnold schwartzineggar and shit 😂😂😂😭

  • Death Comes Ripping

    I made a mistake. I bought this game. Stay away the music on the game is terrible. You have to get songs online through a video feed, and they make you play mostly shitty songs. Until you can get enough points to buy a song that you want to play. This game is a betrayal to people who like real rock and metal.

  • Jake

    The fact that people think he's serious in the comments just brings me pain.

  • TehGligscor


  • Stephanie Tudder

    Then try and put it on video

  • Hydrosu

    Oh no he can play the real guitar now:D :D :D

  • MaCJaX88

    The funny thing is if he would of put all this time to playing a real guitar he would still suck

  • WutDaFunkBro

    this game looks not even half as satisfying as the originals

  • The Great Chimera

    "Emotional Fall Out Boy Song"? Was it too hard to just type in "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark"?

  • Big Kable

    I like the 5 button controller better

  • ZanDaMan

    Mmmm I love the sound of those hammerons xd

  • SavvySteak

    No PC version. Lame. GG

  • Young Nitro Tv

    I think this game makes you better at real guitar I think the same because you do some real cords

  • Round attempter

    How do you get x7 or x 8 multiplier

  • Alexander Cain

    I hate comments man I know I'm going to get hate but just let him do what he wants I hate seeing people just like play a real guitar but this kinda takes months and years or if your really good weeks maybe and yes guitar hero live is not a really good guitar hero game but let him play what he wants I know I'm going to get so much hate but just let him do what he likes to do(biggest run on sentence ever wow)

  • ciaran laverty

    cause it is a video game u fucking dick

  • ana maria makek

    play rocksmith.....this hier ist bullshit

  • scrotybob mcgee

    play a real guitar hero faggot

  • The joker I can't wait to show you my toys

    Guitar hero live sucks that's why I ordered the Beatles rock band that's the best rock band ever in my opinion

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