Guitar Hero 3 PC (Expert) Pride and Joy Keyboard

me playing gh3 on the pc
  • TheBcoolGuy

    How do you get Guitar Hero on PC?

  • Rafael Homero Abrahão de chiara Chiara

    vc é muito ruim no pc que é mais facil vc erra tudoo vc é muito ruim....

  • MorningFrost

    2008? Wow, i old man:)

  • Dino is gay

    Where the hell did you get the game!? I can't find it anywhere anymore....

  • Filip Koraca

    Why is everyone bitching about "no strumming" theoryStrum is a single key, you can also use mouse clicks for example, he is strumming with keyboard key, simple as that

  • Tieler Byrd

    Its like a typing game! :D

  • Shady Till i die

    i have 3 things to tell you: 1: YOU ROCK SOO HARD!! 2: THAT WAS AWESOME!! 3: your keyboard will be screwed within 1 week if you keep playing like that :P!!

  • Doge MLG PRO

    eu nao consegu fazer isso nem no facio

  • angelitg3 gameplays

    is good the problm is the ghosting in keys

  • alviee TeamViny

    how to no active strum ?

  • Code - E

    How do you do this can somebody tell me?

  • Henrique Centeno

    You are good, but I made 100% ... It's because I'm used to and I play Guitar Flash Guitar Hero followed it'll help me in developing xD ! You are good same ! I am Brazilian, I wrote the translator

  • Lucas Bruno

  • Admin Unbrick

    what key green red blue yellowe and orange?? when me blue and orange cannot strum 😰

  • Haircomb Man

    That yeah was just priceless :3

  • fireantbite

    do you prefer to play it on your laptop, or to hold a keyboard like a guitar?

  • Borta Maga

    you should use lefty flip when playing guitar hero on keyboard

  • Bradley Whelan

    yes it is, like on xbox w/ the controller

  • Kluorpivhlander P.

    i'll recomend you to buy it, but if your pirate-guy one' you can get it from torrents, good luck!

  • SeekOver Horizon

    Oh shit I thought that I was the only one such a pervert guy to play this game on a personal computer.

  • Blobbyfrank Films

    no thats wrong you can also use a controllr

  • The★Good★Gamer X

    wow...i am just stunned to see the way u played this..dude u r a PRO! even though u missed a few buttons here and there..but still u played it well.!

  • Click Right

    una pregunta amigo como haces para responder con una sola tecla por que en el mio de la misma vercion tngo que precionar verde y espacio a la ves para contestar podriar mistrarme tus controles del juego

  • Sba5ir

    How to install Guitar Hero 3 for PC keyborad ????And thanks

  • The Humungus

    Boy, use the space bar and your left/right thumb for the middle column.

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