FL Studio and MIDI keyboard

short little demo of how to use a MIDI keyboard to drive a VST synthesizer in FL Studio - if you want to hear of my music, check out soundclick.com/andr
  • Imgone251

    Im pretty sure its a M-Audio KeyRig 49

  • Iamdr3wski3

    Dirty ass fucking inbreed cracker. Clean your room you fucking pig

  • Jeremy Rodriguez

    Wow.......really...I could have sworn this guy had it right.....cause he sounds like a genius.....miiiiight be wrong.... :P


    I'm pretty sure that i heard jonah hill. I agree to the guy below.

  • James Muller

    This clip is pretty good! If you actually look up BeatGenerals in youTube they will have more in depth specifics on these things though... 

  • Logan Katsoufis

    Would a yamaha Dx7 work for this?

  • mit1s

    what keyboard are you usin??

  • Ray SB

    Jonah Hill's everywhere :D

  • William Fletcher

    @ new comers..........keyboard that has midi is able to trigger other decices via midi

  • gamer22887

    How do u set up the keyboard with the controller?

  • Tionanima

    Big nose laugh out loud

  • Steven Tiggelman

    does it respond well? is there a lot of delay between the pressing of the button and the sound?

  • Alex Nelson

    shit that computer is old

  • Zoop Nigh

    50 seconds into your tutorial and I'm already lost. You say I need to add a new synthesizer. How do I do that? That window your clicking on does not appear on my fruity loops program. What the hell is it and how do I get to it? No instructions.

  • stunt

    i think! but it depends on what fl edition ur using

  • TheTwannii

    No it's skrillex look up: Skrillex and Jonah Hill voice comparison :p

  • Malco Alicea

    im a noob can u reccomend a piano to me?

  • Seth Harris

    Thanks man-great job

  • randy7027

    @shutyrmouth so i have an axiom25 and i hit record the light goes to show recording and i start playing but the time doesnt start or the bar moving so how come its not recording?


    man ur room is a mess

  • Media Center

    change your computer.

  • Anthony Guiza

    You can't play Chords!?


    brancher midi pcr-m50 avec smartphone

  • Kazwell

    would it work with a yamaha psr-e203? its a midi keyboard but im just asking before i download fruity loops

  • Elijah Avadluk

    Jonah Hill now a DJ? :D

  • David Fernandez

    One question to anyone really, with FL Studio 11 if you get a piano / controller WITH weighted keys, will FL Studio 11 pick up the "strength" of a key strike or not ? anyone recommend any controllers / MIDI keyboards etc compatible with FL Studio 11 ?

  • markus goncalves

    thanks, you could elaborate ;[ but thats okay. i downloaded asio drivers from the asio website and it is better now, mind you my pc is well over 6 years of age! and i have no dedicated graphics thanks and merry christmas

  • Nagus El

    Lol "Sents"...."To"..."Whatever you're 'playing with' atm" Loooool. Nice!

  • markus goncalves

    i get lag issue, i press the keys and about a split second after i hear the note play through my speakers :( any way i can fix this? im using primary driver i cant use asio4all if that matters, basically i try use that and i hear nothing :[ do i need better hardware or is there a way i can fix this through the settings please somebody let me know thanks in advance take care

  • you better call Sal

    make sure we can see what you push on the dispaly

  • Dels Dickerson

    so excessive. if viewers don't know what a midi is, then they should get out of the studio.

  • David Harris

    Terrible quality but i've FINALLY been shown precisely what i've been looking for - about time!

  • james paulo

    i bought a used midi board same as the one in this video, as soon as i plugged in my board, i tried to play off fruity loops but only the first 16 keys work, help me please

  • TheBobbino

    Can you tell me the name of you piano MIDI?

  • tlarson91119

    My sis has a keyboard that has midi out and my SB Audigy 2 ZS soundcard has front panel audio panel with MIDI IN and OUT. I wanted to hook it up to my rig with FL, but can I still press more than 1-2 keys at the same time because I'd like to play chords n shit not just one note at a time. You sure its your settings making you play only one note at a time? I'm new to the Midi stuff. I've only got a usb keyboard that plugs into my system atm.

  • Ardensity

    all this time, i thought it wascalled mini keyboard

  • Beat Maker

    This movie is very good. If you'll lookup beatgenerals on here they also have much more step by step specifics on these techniques though..

  • The Mouse Potatoes

    I convert my midi into mml xD

  • Casual


  • Sven Suchowski

    Help me to get Known on youtube. My Channel is SvenLGS

  • Fernrat

    Probably been said, but it stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface ;-)

  • markus goncalves

    @eladk1988 definitely just connect via usb and then go to midi settings under options under input menu, highlight your yamaha then just outside that menu choose enable, basically tick the box there to enable the device, it turns orange colour when u highlight k

  • Steve Dobson

    This video tutorial is pretty good... If you will search for beat generals on YouTube they offer lots of dope details about making beats though...

  • Mello Dope

    musical instrument digital interface...

  • Raj Das

    How midi create of an own track......Which is Have softwear or ther plugin which direct convert automatic mid..PLZ Tell me everyone.....

  • Win Michaels

    That "bend " you are refering to is called portomento in the synth world

  • buddyroach

    what sound and plugin is that atari on?

  • TheRealJackfrog

    it's spot on now that you mention it

  • Benson Johnson

    @shutyrmouth where did you get your FL Studio instruments from? 

  • riekg williams


  • EGMx3

    how do you put the song in time?

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