GTA San Andreas all gym moves

After the mission "Drive Thru" the gyms will be opened and you can learn new fighting styles, even in the gyms on the locked areas.
  • NG !

    There's only 3 gyms and this video is longer than a walkthrough jeeez.

  • أبطال اليوتيوب

    Code no poles (aezakmi)

  • optimus prime

    if you got some stars this is a cheat aezakmi do it the stars will gone

  • Santiago Amaya

    el juego de sanandres

  • Momo Fayad

    grounded grounded thats it go to your room now wawwawawawawawawawawawaawwa o o o o o o oo o o dora how dare you beat Ju7641 you now hes best thats it you are grounded

  • Brenden Nkomo

    Master driver.... rider...flyer... damn u're good

  • Louis Saludo

    I started world war when the police was there

  • Roman Bellic

    Man fuck the gym glitch, we should stand outside rockstars fucking doors demanding them to patch that stupid useless glitch, plus fuck the hunger system, its about as broken as my social life.

  • 12345678990 12345678990

    da de da English sanga badlige

  • كون ميغ

    slm wachfe rad lmartare kayiebe

  • Uros Goljovic

    Go en code AEZAKMI in HESOYAM

  • Hykiel Hafiyan


  • Maksimka Chuchkov

    Ебать колотить копать молотить

  • dark king

    Well.... you memorized all the places

  • Osama Manan

    In vice city stories we could find no plane... san andreas was the best.

  • Emilka Żak

    God na policje że cię ni goniła aezakmi to jest god na policje

  • Daju Khan


  • JayR Kulas

    F I have an appointment with you

  • amr fathy

    انا لما بروح الحجات دي مش بعرف اهرب من البوليس لازم اموت دا انتا عالمي والله

  • alina Piri

    Traie toți are getea

  • Phát Tiến Lê

    what if gta V and gta san andreas combined:realistic,cars,guns and stuff from gta V and stories,gameplay,characters from gta san andreas,hope gta VI would do that :D

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