Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody 100% Expert FC Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Self explanatory. Not a hard FC but an awesome song. Just going through all the songs in the game. Hyperspeed 4, Sightread.
I shot over 30 Sightread FCs in one day and uploaded them whenever I had time.

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  • vcxc

    Growing up I still remember seeing u fc when ur cat was bugging u lol or maybe it was a dog 🤔🤔🤔

  • zvmb

    wasn't this chick on The Tester?

  • x23x Gaming

    I love guitar hero. Fixing to make a vid with rock band. Just wanted to hear some old Skool songs.

  • Don't Ask

    Playing piano on the guitar. Genius.

  • robert jones

    you are beautiful lol love this game

  • Andy Cruz

    the girl so beutyfull and talentec

  • Steve Spears

    This is an amazing video you must watch it

  • Billy AngelWing

    absolutely love this song, it's awesome u can do this

  • Sophia P

    The characters in Guitar Hero have creeped me out since I was a little kid and used to make me cry.

  • JoePM 2804

    When did Freddie mercury get. Green Mohawk

  • maddiesux

    This reminds of when I was like five and I was watching my uncle, cousin, and seven year older brother play guitar hero and my brother wouldn't let me play because I was a girl 😂

  • Fireork

    You look physically saddened by the fact that you can't headbang to the song or else you'll lose focus

  • rc cars with music most likely

    really good and u r very hot

  • Paulinho Tutoriais

    WOW ! 100% PERFECT !

  • Miguek Chaho

    no ella es una diosa en GUITAR HERO esta mejor el GUITAR HERO del XBOX 360 que en la consola de XBOX ONE

  • Deedledude asdf

    That beginning trio...

  • Cat Person

    just a curious boy passing through

  • fuuk yu

    This was so fucking cool. You just got another sub right here cutie

  • Mia McGonnell

    lol I am watching this 7 years later

  • Christopher P

    wtf am i watching lol

  • ė m

    What the hell, I can barely play easy!

  • Lëgïenđąřý Groudon

    my right ear felt lonely

  • ironicallyscreaming

    holy shit is that a girl gamer

  • rumay euronymous

    This girl is sylwia :o

  • ProGamingYT O

    i so wish your where my girlfriend, xd

  • Francisco Navarro1

    this reminds me when youtube used be good and not all about pranks and reactions

  • Romeo Velez

    I could have sworn I saw one you missed

  • Daddy Yankee

    WoW very good babe :)

  • StarSlay3r

    To everyone watching this video 6 years later... what brought you here?

  • Fany Rose


  • first imosa

    I remember watching her videos when i was younger for hours on end omg

  • I Hate 2D animation profiles

    yeah,sex pistols were great

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