Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody 100% Expert FC Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Self explanatory. Not a hard FC but an awesome song. Just going through all the songs in the game. Hyperspeed 4, Sightread.
I shot over 30 Sightread FCs in one day and uploaded them whenever I had time.

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  • donnaken15

    I saw this in suggestions A LOT.

  • Swayy

    Still to this day one of the best songs ever

  • David Revan Ramirez

    OwO seven years have passed

  • TVC Optimus Prime

    Bet you can't play it on real piano guitar.

  • andrea sainz

    did anyone notice her lip syncing

  • killersliders 79

    Sh*t bro this video was uploaded 7 years ago....

  • Thamara Rodriguez

    You do you girl ♥️🤟🏼

  • Tommy Parson

    i just thought you was hot

  • BlueKnight 990

    Her smiling more as the song progesses in a kind of proud way is how is how I feel when I listen to this song

  • Yesica Ludmila Mendez

    Woooo i love guitar hero in control

  • Nasty Difficult GAMING

    Your hand eye coordination is crazy in this game lol

  • I Am Zoom

    I found this by searching up guitar hero 5 song list since I played it when I was 7 and wanted to remember song names

  • satanicat LH

    my crushhhh <3xoxoxoxxoxoxox

  • Charlie Hardy

    I came here to watch someone really good play guitar hero it's so pleasing

  • njixgamer

    gotta love that lars, johnny and Lindsey do the vocals

  • GranTruismo4head

    Ciji you flipping rock!!!!

  • Steven Gutierrez

    I'm in love 😍😍💙💙🔐🔐💍💍

  • Crimson Dragon

    This song no matter what puts a smile on everyone's face :D

  • Raquel Panambi Torres Otazu

    I love how they imitate the videoclip XD

  • parrish6696

    You don't need worry about pressing buttons on piano parts this is a simulator not a real guitar

  • Jay Davis

    how long did it take you to master this ? your a guitar hero pro

  • FonnehMelanie

    I love this song in gitaur hero but my friend has the game and we dont see eachother so much

  • Juan Nunez

    I love the rock part

  • Kaden Phillips

    I had this wii game when I was little, now I play the real guitar

  • Jordynn Honer

    Every one needs a girl like this

  • Josiah Lara

    That's so hot and sexy. I want to date a girl that plays videogames with me..And I enjoyed watching you play. A job well done.

  • Joe Creek

    Over 7 years on and it's still great


    She like cats too❤😍I think I'm in love

  • Nathan Calderon

    It would be too easy without the piano parts. Most of the song would not be played if the piano parts weren't included. That's my guess

  • MrCoconutsquash

    god cute she's damn

  • Game Goober

    Guitar + Piano = Guiano, pitar, guitarno, puianar...Don't mind me , I'm very tired

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