Mikrosonic RD3 Groovebox for Android

Taking the RD3 drum and bass synth for Android for a little spin. Recorded the audio directly into the camera, so I couldn't even hear what was playing when I was building this. I don't do any reviewing here, as it's just to show how well the app works. The actual review is in my blog on Androidbakery.com

  • Designz R Us

    Nigga android got flstudio too

  • bestrickie2

    Jesus the name is on the ff what ever you said, Ok keep your hair on you retard HU?

  • Billy Johnson

    Tight but to studio the shit and garageband

  • Ironmonkey103

    Can these files be saved and transferred to the PC as a MP3?

  • Rajath red

    u really know some beatin,;;.; : !

  • Elena Kozlovceva

    Kak programma nazivaetsy?

  • Jimmy Burke

    cool vid man, are android apps also available on android tablets??

  • jelenajr4

    i actually adore the rim shot!! :)

  • Cleto

    Gayest thing ever, Caustic 3 is the best

  • Wen777

    The sounds remindme a song of Darren Hayes Remix version of "Step into the light (Moto Blanco mix)"

  • marfirefly

    Yeah, but can it do cowbell? I gotta have more cowbell!

  • Neftali Sanchez

    the beat got kind of annoying after a couple of minutes but its pretty dope

  • Megawatt Bass

    The audio/video lag is crazy on android :/

  • berto lapira

    lol, I agree... I had same kind of apps on my old nokia phone.. but I don't think IOS is 100yrs far from android. Android is more flexible. You cannot compare the two..

  • Juan Manuel Gutiérrez Gutiérrez

    como se llamma la app, y donde puedo conseguirla?...me gusta mucho!

  • Neuroticmuffin

    Isnt this how Skrillex started?

  • Vlat Komora

    little bit more bpm i guess, and less duration of those intense sequences like the rim there

  • Jimmy Burke

    yeah i was thinking the same thing

  • Harvie Johnson

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  • TR011Z0R

    i make drum n bass with mine

  • Jimmy Burke

    jesus the name is in the title ffs

  • bestrickie2

    What's the name of that app you are using there please? I'm looking for something like this or an app the equivalent to Garage band to download on to my samasung galaxy S3. cheers

  • الشيخ خالد عرول

    اللهم اهدهم إلى الإيمان بانك الرب الإله الحق وان سيدنا عيسى وسيدنا محمد اخوان متحابان ورسولان من عندك عليهما الصلاة والسلام وجزاكم الله خيرا والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله

  • Superman The Dj

    Groovemixer is a free app for androids phones and its very easy to learn. Try it out! I use it and love it!

  • el omaigote

    9p´ vygn mi culo vuela jaja

  • Wallaby Gallardo

    sound likes chemical brothers :3

  • GinoZump

    stop it with the rim sound, my ears!

  • Stefane Alves

    what's name of app?

  • John Q Public

    Awesome DooOOD! can i get an app to play my maschine 2.0 while operating my protools 5 pin midi to my kronos while ordering pizza. oh my what have we become. G-A-r-e-a-t !!

  • isaiah carnegie

    thumbs up if you thought he was going to make billie jean

  • AwpTeam

    вот бы мне кто нить установил мне эту прогу и нпучил пользоваться

  • carolina moog

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about beat making software try Hopandar Amazing Drum Helper (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my co-worker got great results with it. 

  • Jhaders Bkkh

    Manda um video do Music Maker jam...

  • Gilles Richard

    Great, but it's not music

  • Jerold Hillam

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  • Dayanandaraju Saidu

    How to download please

  • GunPoor

    Must be all those grizzly bears I punch.

  • Der Rte

    please make free lite verson or free verson I want to test it with my device

  • Sk8ER4LIFE278

    0:45 sounds like "I'm bringing sexy back"

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