MX vs. ATV: Alive (Xbox 360) Full Online Motocross race on Xbox Live (AFTER 7/1/2011 PATCH) (HD)

Gamertag: Similars (add me if you want to play sometime)

I was not demonstrating skill in this video I just wanted to post a full race so anyone looking to buy this game can get a good feel for it.
  • StuffWithAlexGaming

    Only faggots brag about their virtual bike...

  • Caleb

    Sweet sound of a 2 stroke :)

  • Jeleesa Johnson

    +Saymona Cool tanner nerfDo not have a good day to all of your own. .I just wanted you guys are doing a good time to 2nd eyes

  • blazerazer1

    i play on ps3 where real players play id lap you on my cr125 aan i was justl ooking cuz on xbox you can whip the bike better then you can on ps3 idk i guess they gotta make up for there graphics somehow but good race champ

  • Duta Isaputra

    game apa sih itu aku pengen download

  • Za yne

    Umm...Let Me Work Up Money Though Sooo, I Can Buy/Make A Awesome Bike!!!


    @Fahad11455 Forza motorsports 4 call of duty there arnt to many good racing games

  • Mario Lucas Sanz

    yo te gano, no cortes tanto gas con la 125

  • Fahad N

    Hey bro.... i am going to get a new xbox 360 slim, tomorrow.... so wanted to know if this MX vs. ATV: Alive is really a good game or what? ( i mean . the game play looked sexy! but still just to make sure) and also if you can tell me some names of other good games for xbox (like racing ones - cars ^^ bikes!?) that would be great man ...

  • MrComputerGuy199

    how did you record your gameplay???

  • blazerazer1

    @Prayerrr7 only faggots say cool story bro

  • Shock3 by Aritz Linacisoro

    125 cc is the best!!!!

  • wagner artiaga

    qual é o nome desse jogo

  • Biju Belo


  • Tuấn {HackTricK}

    chạy thế này mà đéo bị dơ áo và xe haizz

  • Dmitriy Konovalov

    please tell me how the game is called?

  • Rodrigo Sniper

    esse alive so nao curti a movimentaçao do piloto na moto, ele sempre fica todo dura na moto nos pulos mais em outro quesito o jogo é muito bom

  • Brannon Smith

    The 450 ktmcc is the best


    Muy buena carrera... !

  • Tomás Cancelo

    jajaja es buenisimo cuando enpiesa que parece el trailer que dice FMF JAJA !

  • victor manoel

    this guy liked his videos very good

  • Tomás Cancelo

    Agregame Soy / TOMpro !!

  • WalrusLord756

    Me and a few buddies are having a tournament sometime. Definitely need riders so please message my Xbox LIVE GT: WalrusLord756.

  • Nick Bradley

    This has better graphics than nba 2k17 on the 360 and this games older sad

  • motosporttouring

    You won. Looks like you demonstrated skill after all! Thanks for posting.

  • Razor Razor.

    Armyof2100 because they're two strokes.

  • zdy bek


  • S4ukk0

    AHAHAH some sad wannabe eminem talking shit on youtube :D laughed so hard at your face on that vid you tried to mumble some rhymes on :D FAIL!

  • Rain4k

    On the first month of 2015 this game us gonna be free for all gold users of xbl

  • wagner artiaga

    qero comprar um para xbox

  • Ben Stewart

    fucking LOVE the sound of a 125


    this game looks like it would get boring really quick

  • Mike Hunt

    LOL real graphic are on the computer. My graphics on my computer shit on you console.

  • Malek ABBAS

    are there even any atv's

  • Henrique Santana

    earned and I really enjoyed the video game parabens amazing game

  • CactusMan

    This is my favorite 7th generation racing game 😍

  • Iyan Ardiansyah

    Kasih link nya dong biar aku download

  • daveygoravey

    brrrrrrrrm brrrrrrrrrrrrm brrrrrrrrrrrrrm id listen to 2 strokes all day.haha

  • MrComputerGuy199

    I friended you but warning if you play with me... it will suck because I just got the game today. :) I'm pretty bad so far!!!! :D

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