US Explodes After Russian Company Closes “CIA Backdoor” Embedded In All Microsoft Software

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US Explodes After Russian Company Closes “CIA Backdoor” Embedded In All Microsoft Software
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  • owl3764

    I wondered why there wasn't any Kaspersky anti-virus packs on the shelves down here in Australia anymore, at least where I shop. I've been using it for years and have had no problems. Great product; guess I'll have to source it online next time my licence expires.

  • Trump News, Truth Natasha

    No one should be allowed to spy on us via our phones, computers, etc. And sad that the one company that outsmarted their access was blackmailed and lied about, and his anti - spyware protection pulled off of shelves, they all want permission to violate us, and no cures. Wake up everyone

  • Bob Jones

    It is "Windows", it gives them the key to the front door, hell it's their "house" and your just there to watch their T.V. ,that is, if the let you !

  • Robert Campbell II

    Good Job Russia. Hey USA, Payback's a bitch, isn't it? Motherfuckers!!

  • Alex Stevenson

    there u go Snowden was right all along! even after being found out their still at it


    Kaspersky working for FSB/KGB

  • nucleardubs

    Old news....look-up the "Clipper Chip".

  • yfelwulf

    Really was I the only one that realised the FREE Win 10 was loaded with backdoors so the JEW SA could spy. And why the JEW SA refuses to cooperate with Russia on Cyber Crime and Hacking.

  • Tony Dias

    Corrupt 🐍 CIA 🤑Traitors

  • Richard Plante

    After perusing this video, I cannot say what prompted me to say this but the urge to tell anyone out there that if you have a Kaspersky security product for your personal computer use and protection, don't advertise it; you could possibly be a target by some dirty Russian heter because of dirty political crap going on. It's probably the best security package you can get and if you use Kaspersky, MUM's the word to keep dirty cyber dogs off your computer doorstep from sniffing around. Have a good day everyone.

  • Thom V

    Anyone REALLY surprised ?????

  • clarence elliott

    GOOD FOR RUSSIA . THE U.S. IS A SNAKE jew NAZI pig corporations of criminals all are not accountable for their deeds and are above the ;law .they all protect each other because they are all criminal and dont want to be found out and guilty , they are above the law never indicted jailed and held accountable

  • AmericaDied 1913

    Real old news, See- Hindsight 20/20 video before it is removed again by youtube.

  • Cynthia Eng

    Bawhahaha...hope this is true...

  • John Taylor

    A weird world we in live when Russian counter surveillance company for fixing a hack program that spy's on citizens and American company says it is ok . But don't use the fix because of security risk .What bullshit !!!

  • jason morris

    I would ditch winblows if I could...unfortunately I need it for work...

  • yfelwulf

    Time to ditch Jewoogle Russia has the Yandex Browser and

  • Douglas Billman

    It is s sad day when you trust Russia more than you trust your own government!!! Sad day indeed!!!

  • kim odom

    Sooooo embarrassing !


    Let the currency wars begin as well as the software phase. Fuck CIA fuck the war Hogs fuck trump and fuck the Nazionists bankers that Wags Trump with his military mightnot


    We thank thee Mother Russia for dealing with the heart of Terrorism that is US CIA Israel Mossad and their affiliates

  • yfelwulf

    JEW SA to declare all Russian Times and SPUTNIK Journalist's even American citizens Spies in order to silence Russian news in Jewmerica.

  • ronald turnbull

    i think it is about time the US people marched on the capital and tell them snakes there that the people want back their country and disband the corrupt CIA/FBI/NSA never to work in the US ever again

  • Flayte Atorrante

    Very simple! After the Germans von Braun and von Neumann died, oboma nuggers got not anymore intelligent personnel to make their trojans and rockets. Today, Russians higher IQ outperform the USA in programming intelligence and Chinese engineers outperform any hardware that nuggers can build in USA. That's why the F35 is such a disastrous scam. (They also couldn't get a successor for the Frenchman Sprey)

  • michael mooney

    a challenge to the deep state observed what will happen next and what are the consequences.................................................................

  • Bro Sunshine

    This will cut off MOST of the deep state's tentacles wonder they're SCREAMING!!..and there are idiots out there STILL trying to make Russia out to be our ENEMY?????

  • Tony Tasmaly

    I feel violated by the US government. I feel that the Russian government is doing more for the u.s. citizens then the CIA FBI and all the agencies combined.

  • Richard Kincaid

    Good for the Ruskies

  • Blindshiva

    It really sucks when you begin to realize that it is YOUR government who is the bad guy here.

  • Sheri Benjegerdes

    No sane person wants war.The global community thinks it can take down America and Russia. They aren't as powerful as they think. God is putting a stop to what they are attempting. They're going down. God Almighty loves America. We are His people. He wants our attention. He wants His children around the world to live, choose life. But He never forces anyone. He does express His anger.Unlike other nations in the world forcing their slaves to live in fear. It's not going to work here. We know our God. We know He gave us this nation to spread His light and love throughout the world. We know our freedoms and Rights. But we've got a crooked bunch brought in by Obama who needs to be arrested. He's the most evil being, allowed to come to power to punish us. Now it's his turn. All the filthy rich are jumping out of windows it seems. They are falling hard. It's their turn for His wrath. Straighten up and fly right you freaks.

  • John Stewart

    Spy vs Spy...Kaspersky closes CIA door, but maybe leaves them selves a "doggie door?" So CIA shuts out Kaspersky, re-opening their door. And Russia concludes MS, IBM, Oracle, etc are unsafe. There goes another US export.

  • hanic sedgehog

    Oh BABYLON of American your judgement day has come and your allies will trun on you all over the world !!! 🐍😧👱😯👨🐍

  • Fay Metzger

    Thank you Russia, good looken out bud

  • Clinton Woods

    Keep getting the word out hopefully this world wakes up soon

  • Pete Graberass

    Kaspersky is a really good antivirus scanner, I haven't had any problems for years !

  • eloidor

    Every device is backdoored in the US, is not only Microsoft but also Apple, android and even linux.

  • John Flinn

    CIA out of the Universe.

  • Brian Crane

    Naturally the 3-letter agencies are angry. Their peep-hole has been discovered and plugged. No more covert webcam photos of people running around in their undies to pass around and have a good laugh. No more recordings of couples...ummm...'playing'. Well they have lots of drills...

  • exorientelux

    time to drop US software from Microsoft or Apple and to switch to Linux

  • Douglas Vasey

    Down with the deep state!

  • Wulff Human

    Bill the murdering, human experimentating Zionist POS Gates should be prosecuted then executed for treason.

  • Aimee Curry


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