HIGH T-34-85 VS TIGER смотреть фильм в хорошем качестве hd 720 на русском

  • داریوش فرهنگ

    i don't think t34/85 could beat tiger this is stupidtiger's rival actualy is is2

  • Kyuen Stormreaver

    That's not a Tiger it's a Panzer IV D.

  • Wyatt Underwood

    That wasn’t a tiger those were Panzer 4s

  • 커튼 밑고양이

    이거 분명히 한국인이 올렸는데..왜 댓글은 대부분 잉글뤼쉬인데

  • Aleksey Alabin

    это фильм белый тигр

  • Bou Chač

    This is not Tiger this is Pz.IV.h

  • Partisan

    What's the name of the movie?

  • Mateusz And

    It isn't t34-85 because this tank (on movie) have to small turet.

  • Erdem Peltek


  • Thanh Xuân Phạm

    Phim hay nha xe tang,t34 manh a ha y cua ba⚔🔫🗡⚰🇨🇼🇦🇲🇹🇱

  • MOC Boy 10

    I thougt in the start that the t-34 a normal t-34 76 was because it missis the fuel tanks but it is 85

  • Fredo Jacob


  • Angry Russian

    3:34 аахаха, режиссеры полные критины

  • erol yüksel

    siktir lan tek atışta tigeri paramparça ediyor amk rus probagancacıları

  • Stefan Cel Mare

    guys , the film is not about realisticity of WW2 , if you watched it , you'll now they don't really care about realistics or some real interprettions of Tiger or T-34 , in the film , the "leader" of this T-34 is a tankist that have been found in an ancient burned t-34 in wich all his tank tam have been killed exept him , he was found totally burn but alive , after being healed , they gave him another T-34 with a new team . This Tank commander is really crazy and nobody understand him , he think that there is a "god of tanks" and that he is riding a golden T-34 in the skies , in that scene we can see the "beast" that is represented by some "German Tiger" that is his ennemy , this tiger just destroyed and entire russian army . BTW i don't really understood it but at the end of the film , this tankcommander is just disappearing and nobody found him anymore , maybe this is all a dream ... who knows ... (sorry for bad english i'm not england man)

  • Matej Kubala

    Why is it looking like chinese type 58?

  • Borgman

    HE rounds vs a tank?

  • キム

    t-34 beats tiger in russia

  • PUBG Brothers

    Was ist das der Tiger trifft sein Ziel meist aber ja gut scheiss Video ganz ehrlich die Russen sind wie Schweine in 2 WW gestorben


    Ricoxhet ? Almost within 1000 mts !? With a 88 mm ?! Lol Russian propaganda at its worst. Furthermore samething for world of tanks game that is all propaganda too !

  • virgil evans

    judge supervisor employer pwkqag necessary another necessarily hurry hardly dozen precise fundamental starter.

  • 스트레이 캣

    What the fuck I was understanding Russinan in English video but subtitles were Korean so I understood and all the comments are English.WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

  • gundam2099

    wtf what an asian doing in that t34

  • Zachary Pinto

    Just reading the comments like their experts on tanks. When the sources they use are from either WoT or GTB from History Channel..... smh :/

  • Kirill Iuzvac

    Tiger was like a cube so it was less chance of penetration, t34 had spherish so it was a bit harder

  • CRIsuYO criSUYo

    Who realized on 2:40 the extra track armor looks like Russian flag xd?

  • Murmeniusz

    The village from this movie looks like the village from the game Resident Evil 4 :) Nice movie for watching with a good beer!

  • Sturm Pioneer


  • Hamit Kral

    Tiger tank( kaplan tankı) o zamanki en iyi tanktır burda sadece ne kadar cahil olduklarıni göstermisler bu film ekibi birseyden anlamiyo

  • Murat Ünal

    why ap ammo exploading like lpg cylinder

  • Owen McCarthy

    Not a Tiger...Not a Tiger... A T-34, but that is Russian bias...OH WAIT! Nope... just two PZ. IV FII...

  • Achaiah Sabastian Cruz

    How do they keep missing

  • Bayoen

    looks more like a panzer IV than a tiger wtf

  • 변성민

    Are 'World of tanks' users here? I like these tanks. zz

  • Smelville727 Gaming

    Thats not a Tiger. That was a Panzer 4. Got it wrong

  • Jesus Almazan

    Mentira ese es el panzer iv anko spark

  • Komuto Herovato

    добивай его крюк нах

  • dwayne sellers

    In real life that t34 would get wrecked by a tiger just saying and they have to hit the tiger in the back boiiiiiiiiii

  • Tom Philipp Steiner

    No german ww2 tank looked like this in the film

  • Patato Loic

    What the hell is this ?

  • Emgyr Var Emreys

    U should know that Tiger is symbol of death in this movie, and soldiers have PTSD

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