HIGH T-34-85 VS TIGER смотреть фильм в хорошем качестве hd 720 на русском

  • Dylan S

    This is taken off from white tiger.

  • JleLLluk koroche ya leha

    Это отрывок из фильма белый тигр

  • Nomeans No

    Tigers are hard to come by these days. This clip is pure crap.

  • DARK_L0RD_420

    thats a panzer 4.....

  • thehostagekilla fuze


  • Onur Can KARAKÜTÜK

    Just a old white tiger

  • Jasper Caparangca

    There I a white tiger tank

  • pete fudge

    for all you people who think that is a Tiger 1, look at it from 4:01, It's so out of proportion It's laughable and is either a very bad computer generated image over whatever tank they could find or its a wood mockup, look at the size of the turret and even the tracks are a different width to each other

  • Ayrton Senna

    Блять зачем украл у нас фильм про Белый Тигор далбаёб

  • kurtoncic

    To all Tiger I fanboys and wanna be Nazis can you just realize that the war in that type of combat is won by T-34 for a reasonTiger I is too heavyYes sure its powerfull snd well armedBut the T-34 was a good tank something you would know aswell is that that tank can penetrate Tiger easyInvestigate and then talk

  • 게르드 오토 비스마르크 폰 에튜와르트

    Guys watch the fucking movie it is modified Porsche Tiger

  • random person

    it is a panzer not a tiger

  • Red Baron

    The Russians wish they were able to wreck a panzer like that

  • Emanuel Gonzalez

    that's a panzer 4

  • Fire Ant Gaming

    When you realise the other team is capping and you have better things to do than fight the tiger.

  • Ten Armurk

    why is it a high t34 85

  • Neutron 69

    its will be a different story if they meet michael wittmann, sorry bad english

  • Saul de Léon

    Is it only me here that Plays world of tanks?!

  • John Smith

    In this movie it’s not just Tiger it’s modified on Tiger P ghost tank. You should watch movie before commenting...

  • ThugLife222 ThugLife333

    Tout ca pour ça?! Et bah dit donc.

  • Jasper Caparangca

    It look like they are using heat bullet


    Чет захотелось выкачать т3485

  • Edvards

    That's the White Tiger...

  • Amónymous

    Вы тупые американцы не знаете какие жертвы были во время второй мировой!А вы говорите что вы выиграли эту войну?Я ВАС НЕ НАВИЖУ!

  • matze3004

    Nice tale.... one T34-85 against two "selfmade tanks" with wood turret ... and t34 wins!!!! :D :D

  • Adly G

    I didn't see any tiger tank but I did see what looked like a pv4 with some other fluff around it to perfect it from HE shells

  • J CH

    Tiger가아닌 전혀다른Pz.IV와Tiger(P)입니다^^

  • 게르드 오토 비스마르크 폰 에튜와르트

    for some of you who did not notice, the sub title says "That's not the Tiger, it is pz.4"

  • M41 Walker Bulldog

    The people complaining about the Panzer 4 are the people who have the shittiest attention spans

  • John Smith

    In this movie it’s not just Tiger it’s modified on Tiger P ghost tank. You should watch movie before commenting...

  • random person

    oh there is a tiger later in the video

  • sensoryizer. pl

    T-34-85 to polski czołg

  • Wolfplays_ games

    T-34-57/85= one of the best med tanks in the war

  • zack123123123

    It got the turret of the tiger

  • Luke Shinde

    Why is there an IS2 disguised as a tiger? I knew it gaijin had been secretly plotting and invasion!!!!


    movie: BIALY TYGRYS 2012 (white tiger)

  • Storm Vonk

    Russian tanks are not that accuarte... firtst they fired with the mg, and when they heard metal they fired cuz they didnt had a scope for the main gun

  • SoFezMan

    That film could be betyer if not this paranormal stuff of talking to tanks.

  • Khajiit

    That computer made tiger is bad.

  • Dmitriy Azimov

    Бреееед удалите видео к чертям (85 не уровня тигру)

  • Sergey Kiselev

    Panzeret IV not Tiger

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