Cubedise - Official Trailer

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Cubedise - game puzzle from the first person in which the player needs to interact with multi-colored cubes for passing on the following level.
The puzzle throws down a resourcefulness challenge, logic and patience of each player.


- Remarkable 3D graphics
- USB Joystick support
- Fascinating gameplay
  • Jerry Kappa

    I Love this game :D 10/10

  • 앤디김

    Please update Tiberbox2

  • john Pena

    Glad to see you developing more games. looks great!


    Please finish this Game!!!!!! I just did a game play of this on my gamer called RookieGamer TV. IM IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME. Come check it out if any of you guys never seen what the creator has done so far with the game. RookieGamer TV

  • Nikita P'yankov

    Есть ли возможность приобрести версию для PC?

  • Foxed You Gaming

    awesome!!! but what are the soundtracks? they r awesome too

  • Enzo Aranda

    Cubedise+Counter Strike=Block Strike :D

  • Riley Day

    I dont know why, but the atmosphere of the game seems depressing...?

  • Your Sandwich

    Will there be another game after sphetory?

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