Aliens Vs Predator Berserker Predators New Mask

By Custom Mod in Aliens vs Predator (PC).

Aliens vs Predator:

As you know (or you don't know), we can make mods for Aliens vs Predator 3 (since August).

If you want to make your own mods, here is link to modding tutorial:

You can download mods, that are finished for this moment here:

or you can find released mods on the AvPGalaxy forum:

I make mods too, I released two audio modifications. Links you will find at the bottom.

Enjoy testing.


That's one small step for modding, one giant leap for the AvP3.
  • Jayshon Salgado

    berseker has one blade the need to fix that

  • Pauline Nguyen

    I do have that mod lol I added to my Predator gameplay/account lol

  • Renee Miller

    He's basically a super predator

  • gamingwithaidyn 101

    i have the game. but how do you get the mask

  • TheCandyCaneChef

    0:17 that's what Classic Predator should have done when he Got near Mr Black (berserk predator) instead of dying

  • Butter Burrito

    is the alien holding up the middle finger

  • antijuve avita

    What hell of game? I have avp3 for ps3, but there are anything of i play the same?

  • misalchi gamer 10000

    Jajaja lol no importa ser mexicano

  • Chad potts gaming reviews and reactions

    you can kill other predators in this game I did not know that

  • misalchi gamer 10000

    Is awesom alien vs depredador

  • Ian Bomback

    Just change the name of this video because this mask is not in AVP 3...

  • Alien

    do all players see it as berserker or do they need the mod

  • Damian Kulesza

    How can you choose this skine once you have instaled it ?

  • Kristopher Bauer

    how do you have that skin

  • slushie popTM

    O no he fell in a hole And I'll do it again :) sparta kicks him in hole


    how to get berserker predator plzz hes my fav

  • Josver Garcia

    como puedo hacer que aparezcan dos depredadores

  • Jake Mansfield

    That's creepy how the berserker Predator just sink

  • Carsen Maxwell

    how do you get this mod

  • NJ MR

    can someone explain to me the different types of predators?

  • Stryker J

    the first 19 seconds were just the best

  • Rafi Avedian

    I have this game it is my favorite game

  • EveryDaySlacker

    I wish the gameplay was like avp 2. Instead of the two hands having blades and shit. And the vision colors are annoying.

  • goodzilla Br

    Its really You know wae You know the Queen?

  • Nothing To See Here

    The Berserker armor is not the same.Berserker had light armor not heavy armor

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