Original Klavitar demo

The Klavatar is a keyboard which PICKS guitar strings and gives keyboard players access to a real electric guitar vocabulary. It is currently in development and ongoing design modifications are still being implemented, so at this stage of production, each instrument is different. The duo jam after the Klavatar demo was performed on a custom midi controller & drum machine etc.
  • easyvivo

    At 2:48 .... there was a couple playing. There was a keyboard keytar being played by the male player. what was this keytar? It looks like two keyboards...the left keys looks like for bass. Could you please expand on it? tnx. ed

  • Casey Van

    Cool idea. I have a website called hybritar.com. I'm developing a midi controller that has a similar concept.

  • Casey Van

    I changed the word to "pick" on there. Since I didn't elaborate much, I didn't feel it was misleading saying that it looked like the Chapman stick. I didn't mention the number of strings. The Chapman stick also looks like the Harpejii, but they are totally different instruments, so I meant it in that way.

  • HellfireClubClips

    This is so cool. But I quite don't get it... is this a midi controller? or does it actually makes sound of it's own? Is just for solo leads or it can make chords as well? Thanks! Nick

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