Historic Bike Flip in FMX competition - Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2014

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Thomas Pagès cemented his name in the FMX history books when he pulled off his FIRST Bike Flip in competition at the Red Bull X-Fighters. Check out Pagès winning run and the trick that left jaws on the floor in Madrid.

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  • Brandon Taylor

    Running a stock pipe that's epic

  • Pelayo Castillo Alonso


  • Giorgi Papuashvili

    wow sooo big Red Bull 2:13

  • criticalfxck13

    This is way better than normal bull fighting

  • Tamika Garrett

    My name is Thomas GO THOMAS😉😉😉

  • Andvir W

    I can do that it's ea...... remembers when I almost crashed into fence

  • The Joker

    put josh sheehan back in red bull xfighters he shall dstroy everyone they think double bakflip is good? well think about triple

  • MyWeedgrower

    These tricks are getting super insane. 10 yrs ago nobody could do a bike flip even on a bmx bike. Love how much red bull has pushed all sports to new limits. Thank you redbull

  • kim deyoung

    how many times did he crash before he mastered those

  • Nicola Cannone

    Questo tipo di video sta facendo delle cose cosi pericolose

  • Tens

    2:44 the respect .... priceless!

  • Jessie Yagma

    I try to do that"""

  • A17shawn

    Why is it called a 360 at 0:52

  • Dinesh Kanna

    My favorite sports this motocross

  • Austin Davis

    Reminds me of Mx vs Atv untamed

  • Ruan 026

    Bom, eu sou do Brasil e gosto muito de manobras em moto, achei muito louco esse vídeo, só não entendi uma palavra dos caras que estão falando 😂😂

  • VeryCleaverName

    I can't do any of this without a 250lb bike yet alone with one. Amazing!

  • Titus Kejleh

    hey guys, where can i order decent and affordable dirt bike from for adult ?

  • the_Chil1One


  • Iftekhar Khan

    Losers Don't Waste Your Time On This Bullshit Go Think About Your Profession.

  • Mark Jayson Cayude


  • The Brina Show

    Please everyone who sees this help me sub comment done on my intro amd I will do the same

  • Ridicoulos Co.

    they should have used this clip for nerve.

  • EviL AnGel

    dude that was like crazy

  • Bill Davis

    2:33 crowd shot.. wtf is going on with the girl. Man behind he laughs. She looks to her left and is 100% shocked at what she sees. Says something, other two people laugh. Any ideas.. i cannot make out what she is saying. Maybe not english... thank you for reading my brains random electrical impulses.

  • LoveMe,com

    That was a breathtaking stunt for his backflip. The crowd was so noisy every time he doing his stunts on his bike. Good job, I may not in the crowd but I really enjoyed watching this.

  • Tom Anderson

    I remember watching Carey Hart do the first backflip attempt and everyone was on their feet and when mike metzger did the flip to flip on dirt that was the game changer and everyone was out of their seats on their toes. This sport has gone so far idk how much further it'll go.

  • Makoto Shishio

    Life is too short for some people. Awesome

  • NonoKiou

    ouais !!! c'est un FRANCAIS !!!

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