T-34-85 VS Tiger смотреть фильм в хорошем качестве hd 720 на русском

T-34-85 VS Tiger
  • Shiroe

    For all the wheraboos in the comments going "But muh tiger in World of Tanks doesn't look like this wtf", This is a FICTONAL movie called "White Tiger" which is literally produced in Russia, so obviously there will be some Russian Bias. On the matter of the look of the tank (Can't say its been a while since I watched the movie) but I think they logic of the Tiger looking the way it does has do with the fact that A) They want it to look more menacing to the general public who don't know how terrifying a Stock Tiger I really is, and B) The tiger is fictional, for all the writers care they could take a fucking KV-2 and label it a Tiger. Sorry if I sound like a real https://www.reddit.com/r/iamverysmart/ guy but I found it annoying.

  • 폰 에튜와르트게르드 오토 비스마르크

    Guys, watch the movie before complaining about how tanks work and why that Tiger is so OP. In the movie, the Tiger (in the video) is mentioned as a ghost tank that lives in a swamp. According to what they say in the movie, that Tiger was built by the Germans who were attempting to totally annhilate the Soviet armoured power.

  • Ck Panganiban

    That's TIGER P not Tiger 1

  • Karthik Kanagaraj

    Heil Our Mein FUHRER!

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