Game of Thrones - Main Theme - Orchestral Launchpad Cover

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I showed my aunt and uncle my "He's a Pirate" Launchpad cover and they suggested I should do the Game of Thrones Main Theme so I did an orchestral performance of it.
Hope you like it!

I made this cover in Kontakt 5 using cinematic strings 2, so right now, there's no project file for it, but soon I'll be releasing a Piano project for this, as well as a tutorial :)

My Orchestral Launchpad Playlist!


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Game of Thrones
Main Theme
Launchpad Cover
game of thrones theme
game of thrones launchpad
  • Karan Singh

    Try walking dead plzz

  • Betucker3

    Do you have that project file for the orchestral version?

  • Allex Lol

    Je like je like je like je like

  • Jon Sullivan

    these are incredible!!! do more... please ❤

  • xS3TH_PLAYZx

    Favourite show also can you put a project file for the song!

  • Plantingbutter

    You just earned yourself another subscriber

  • capino17

    Please project file i love this song

  • ZintoxX

    how i can do the same sound as u :o

  • sanie insanity

    Game of thrones is disgusting. Sexism everywhere. Women shown sexually - men never. Everywhere tits, penis of men never. Sexism in media, (no equal treatment of genders, women shown sexual, men neutral) - and whores who show theirself sexual to whole world in public.. Actually it's sexual harassment - everywhere in media - of women. Sexual parts of men (have only one -their penis) is never shown. And most don't recognize because it became normal. >Only sexists watch whores and support sexism in media and at the same time sexual harassment in public.

  • Sha_ horse


  • Thor Vier


  • The Joker

    I think you play fast -_-

  • Mikel Sami

    you are a legend bro

  • K I T C H E N G U N

    You are under appreciated

  • Miss Queen Angelica

    I loved it so much that I downloaded it on my phone and used it as a ringtone!!!😍 Keep up the good work!! You're very talented!!😁

  • Rin Okumara567

    Sounds pretty gud in 1.5 speed :3

  • Erik #Eaemen

    Is this... Vallirian Steel?

  • Nic Hicks

    Oh by the why did anyone notice we found the FLIPPING FLASH -ahem anyway good day to you.😃

  • Mark Justin Dikitanan

    hey I want to download this in youtube can i

  • HattoukFTW

    youre a very talented person ! keep it up my friend !

  • Samurai Pickle

    Ive watched this 17 times

  • Apex Creations

    This is on another level, amazing!

  • Maître Matniles Gaming

    GAME OF THRONES !!!! ;)

  • Awoken Dragon

    danny jon yara and tyrion are proud

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