How to Unlock a Secret Transformation in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Turns out you can transform into something other than a Beast in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters.

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  • Artorias The Abysswalker

    How to turn into brócoli man

  • Trill Money

    Do I still get it if I kill her while she's strapped in the chair ?

  • Alexandre Porto

    Fuck! There is something like an interphone sound at the beginning of the video and its 3 oclock, I thought who the fuck is ringing at my fucking house this time. Played back the video to realise it was from it.

  • Max Cardillo

    when I first saw this npc I killed her. I am do fucking angry right now. now I can't turn into a cool alien

  • DragonBlazer97

    Shit I think i already killed her lol

  • Sean Rivia

    Holy shit thats cool

  • Khalid Khattak Usman


  • Jason Solo

    Hey everyone please help me. I want to know that 1:08 and I want that's so bad attire. I don't know I still look for a key from under jail. :(

  • ohKnox6

    damn i killed that ugly bondaged thing.

  • Nicholas Sacks

    if you kill her on accident after you give her both brain fluid before u reset area is there any way 2 revive her

  • Jeffrey Kukucka

    Release the Kracken!

  • mastazenkei

    does any npc say anything when they see you changed ? anyone tried on ng+ with gascoigne ?or anyone else

  • CurbsideZues 1

    i think i did it wrong

  • screwloose

    Beasts are so much better then these Japan hentai rejects.

  • mymonstamix


  • ARKIO 5896

    Oh man thats sick,but it should have been done more deeply...


    So more arcane fun? Ugh.

  • Nate

    This guy is the best commentator for everything. Every channel needs to hire him. "Now watch her get high as hell off that brain fluid" in a slightly excited tone of voice.

  • West Coast Savage

    Your video was rated fine.

  • jmaal almwaas

    I killed her by mistake can I get it in another way ?

  • jackson finn

    is it a arcane or skill based build

  • Jc Arroyo

    I had trouble playing the dlc since i beat bloodborne 3 times before the dlc came out. And boy, the dlc is punishing. Some cheese tactics i employed on older bosses doesnt seem to work. Ng+3 is fucking hard i cant seem to pass logarius so fucking annoying. I know all his attacks but when the sword goes down, i got no choice to stop the sword then boom 3 hit combo dead.

  • S

    I love how the Milkweed Ruin is just Lovecraft's first initials.

  • Zachary puckett

    um, yea my game glitched and i cant equip runes because i killed hte whitch of hem but died at the same time so i didnt get the tool :( now i have to restart and i got so far :(

  • Dominik Lorenz

    So thats basically your great one form?

  • pwnzxpwnz

    some reason she wont take the 2nd brain fluid :( haven't defeated the boss in the area yet that might be why?

  • MTN 927

    Ugh, that guy's voice is horrendous.


    I think shes dead can someone help

  • Kaan Ertugrul

    On the research floor there's a monster who is looking for his eyes. Could this be another side quest for yet another transformation? :D

  • Hitesh Goyal

    What is the name of music in the background?????? It's great

  • Guillaume Gélinas

    What can I do to get this rune if I already killed that beast on the chair?

  • Diego Cardim

    Dang it! I gave her one brain fluid and killed her!

  • hamayoon lak

    there's another way...? becaude i kill the poor guy... :/

  • Rick

    is it normal that im on new game + without doing any of this

  • Crazy Datho

    Am I only one who noticed the beautiful music?

  • Gilbert Trinidad

    I can finally live out my hentai dreams.

  • CurbsideZues 1

    is there any other way at all to get this

  • Dieselx999

    Do u need arcane build strength or skill so it could do more dmg?

  • Black Hooded Ninja

    yay i can turn into broccoli

  • Sapok ry

    I gave her 2 brain fluids but at 2 different times. after the second brain fluid she does not do anything she gives me a balcony key that is all did I mess up somewhere?

  • zorbahak11

    can u suk em for insight......

  • RandomGuy Of Yutuf

    i need help? i gave her the first brain fluid, accepted the blood, But when i come back, the option of givin her the second brain fluid doesnt work? did i do something wrong?

  • Devanello

    tentacles attacks... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Derp Foxeh

    what arcane level should i use with this? 40arcane is not enough.. ._. does only like 80damage

  • Marco Fedele

    funny the Rune looks like H.P.

  • UnderReset Frisk


  • Dark Shadow Gamer

    "Brain fluid found past an old man in a wheelchair with a gatling gun."Only in Bloodborne folks........

  • Mangler559

    She wont take the second fluid...

  • nagato6661

    I can’t get pass Ludwig

  • Eric LaChappa

    I fucking killed her damnit

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