Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, And Dark Souls 2 - Top 10 Bosses (AFTER DLC)

A video of the top ten most dangerous bosses in all three games (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, And Dark Souls 2) combined. I would love to hear your opinions on this list. Leave you comments below.

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  • Logan Wilder

    Is number 7 a fucking joke?If it is it's not a funny one

  • Doc Scratched

    I'd just like to take a moment to say that no-damage Fume Knight fight was amazingly executed.

  • Sanguine Regis

    The bed of chaos... I do not understand why that boss is here, but to each their own.

  • Salty Snake

    Lets see, this comment section is filled with:50% people who are salty about the list50% people who are salty because he is a mage

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Ornstein and Smough? Manus is very easy

  • bsxgv

    bed of chaos is troll right?

  • Solaire of Astora


  • Hayden G3

    At first I thought the bed of chaos was on here just to get people going. Then I saw the ancient dragon, and I think they seriously consider the bed of chaos to be a top ten boss

  • The Globglogabgalab

    wtf bed of chaos thats joke right? right!

  • Green Angel

    no way bed of chaos really i know its your own opinion but really

  • Miles Virgilio

    Why the fuck do you have the fucking bed of bullshit. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS LIST. WHY!

  • Peter Dzurik

    Dude you are such a wuss try beating all if those bosses with a sword

  • Thani Thanadrax

    You sir have a bad taste.

  • Dough Robbins

    Allant fifth.. are you kidding me? top 3 minimum... this old fart sucked a lot of my blood back in 2k10

  • Chasebeleren

    Honestly, just swap the Bed of Chaos fight with Sir Alonne and Ancient Dragon with Knight Artorias and this list is good to go

  • George Soros Positivo

    Os chefes de Demon's Souls são mais estilo "quadrinhos" , já os de Dark souls são mais sombrios e com mais "classe".

  • Infernalicon

    hardest Boss in demon souls was either old king allant or blind hero guy(if you didnt utilise stealth,flamelurker was pisspoor easy once you had the 22 str to equip the shield from 1-1

  • AtomValorBlack

    You liked Bed of Chaos and Maneaters? Wow.

  • Matteo Vergari

    seriously? bed of chaos is vetter than fume knight and flamelurker?

  • Enzo Cacaux

    And smough ornstein?

  • EnderMort 777

    ........and Artorias....?..............

  • Shadow

    Don't scroll the comments section

  • Boyd The Milkman

    Old King Allant is only dangerous if you ignore the AIs' massive, gaping flaw when it comes to the stairs and corner....

  • Doctorf 17

    and then the Nameless king happened

  • Markus Nuttus

    The description people, it says top ten most dangerous fights


    Como todo buen marica, elege a un mago para atacar desde lejos. pushith!!!!

  • Squadron Leader Crippled Back

    This comment section90% people whining about casters8% people whining how their favorite boss wasn't on the list2% of people actually not complaining

  • Benderman

    Bed of chaos & ancient dragon among the series top 10 bosses? Are you serious??

  • bbourne03 memes

    dark souls 3 dlc is quite disappointing to be honest but great bosses only VERY weak to bleed

  • Werewolf Jesus

    Who's better Ray Dhimitri or Lobos Jr

  • Ivan Shulika

    1k dislikes? People are quite stupid, as appears :/

  • ZombieKiller3000 GardenProtector9000

    The fume knight is in DLC . Not after DLC. period

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