Tom Morello Guitar Hero 3 Battle FULL

The whole thing. I obviously tried not to get him to fail until the end because if you keep going you'll automatically fail (He keeps playing with the death drain on and you have no more sections).
  • Harpy Gryphon

    First guy I've seen to destroy him at that fucking end!!! I HATED GETTING THERE WITH NO ATTACKS!!! IT MEANT DEATH FOR ME!!! FOR MEEEE!!!(Good vid ;) XD)

  • Various Videos

    This is literally half the rage solos.


    how to fix whammy in guitar hero battle on pc

  • GTerrones 07

    how many Are watching in 2017

  • Douglas Andrade

    Solo chato da porra!

  • GamingDemon 12

    so you have to make the bosses fail by sabotaging them because they play better than you can?

  • Joseph Womer

    I need to play this game again

  • ReflexiveGaming

    To be honest the first part of the song does not sound like a guitar it sounds more like a Turn Table a DJ would use

  • James Howlett

    I haven't played this game in years and I still remembered this part coming 2:32 lmao. I hated that part.

  • Abbadon the Destroyer

    I always thought tom was old when i played this game. lol

  • Pedro Monteiro

    what the name of this music?

  • Jay Dignan

    is there really guitar battles like this in real life

  • 88Hyo

    Why don't you use thepowerups?!

  • slash9697

    me hicieron perder el time giles culiaos

  • Uncertainty Guaranteed

    What happens if you both get to the end without fail? I wish you hadn't taken him out at the very end

  • Bigtoenails

    I'm sad right now because when I played this game I didn't know who he was let alone anything a bought how unorthodox his style is I still listen to rage every once in a while today

  • Mateo Escobar

    yo tengo el juego y también del 5

  • Custom Whoopass

    Is there a actual name for this song

  • Jihad Jane

    0:59 all out jam fest

  • Chief Warrior

    amp oveerload wasn't a problem for me i took care of the amp overload handily

  • George Marcelo


  • mudkip gaming channel

    i love this video :)

  • Dilix

    used to love playing this all the time

  • Alex Daluge

    Nice porno music, Tom.

  • Matthew Let's play/chat


  • nazareno vasquez

    dislike por tocar como infeliz

  • windowsthe95fan2017

    what console is this

  • Clorox Bleach

    2:46 i fucking hated doing this partIt took me 2 weeksFor hyperspeed expert

  • Carmen Mandujano

    1:40 will always be my fav part

  • ana rosales

    algien podria decirme como se llaman las canciones ?? de tom

  • Nathan Figueroa

    wow what a stupid faggot.. get a life and never post a stupid ass video like this you dumb fuck...

  • Spyperz

    Guitar hero 3 on ps2? ;)

  • HowAboutThat SUCKA

    2:50 sounds like the solo from "know your enemy". Any real RATM/Morello fans here? no offence to those here for guitar hero only

  • Metal Thrashing Mad

    how did I end up here

  • Asm Craft

    Lo gané en el primer intento jaja

  • KyeThePirate - Free Game Tutorials

    Lol them Wii graphics

  • Robert Ivey

    Tom: "Yeah, I got this in the bag"other guy uses overloadTom: "Ah, uh oh, oh geez"other guy uses doubleTom: "FUCK"

  • michael l's

    hey john can you eat you're mom butthole

  • Greg Buckingham

    My younger sister once said to me "I don't like that Tom Morello guy... He gave me a WHAMMY!!!"



  • Elizabeth Rodgers-moore

    I won so hard agent that guy and I'm 10 like on expert like what ever he is so easy your the worst but don't liaison to me i suck but us it is OK I seen better but your really good make more videos your good🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • XxjoshthegodxX ac3

    this was the worst stay with hard not expert ok

  • Pautemii

    creo qur deberia subir esto a pornhub ... osea digo yo porque practicamente , tom le esta haciendo el amor a su guitarra xD

  • Big Draco

    anyone knows the actual song of the first start of the battle?

  • Jack Rolber

    1:35 is the part that I like

  • J Frye

    totally gnarly nostalgia.

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