TOP 10 Best Launchpad Covers of 2016

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Hi guys, I hope you like any of this or even all this awesome launched covers, this top was quite difficult for me at the momento to decided which cover has which position, but I think I just chose the correct for the whole videos, if you like any of this colorful launchpad cover you can definitely check out the original launchpad remix down here, so go ahead!!

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Number 10:
Turn down for what (808 bass Drop by Zyro's launchpad) -
also check out his beautiful channel
W.D Zyro -

Number 9:
[LAUNCHPAD] I´m An Albatraoz Cover [Cover by Niklas] -
NiklasFilms -

Number 8:
Alan Walker - Spectre [Dual Launchpad Edition] -
TeqqnixOfficial -

Number 7:
Knife Party - Bonfire (Launchpad Cover) [Project File] -
Voltapix -

Number 6:
Nev Plays - Wizards in Winter (TSO) Launchpad Pro Cover -
SoNevable -

Number 5:
Nevs Play: Zedd - I Want You To Know (Launchpad Pro Cover) -
SoNevable -

Number 4:
The most difficult Launchpad Performance // Doctor P - Flying Spaghetti Monster // Launchpad Pro -

Number 3:
Nev Plays: Avicii - Wake Me Up (Launchpad / Acoustic Guitar Cover) -
SoNevable -

Number 2:
OMFG - Hello ( Launchpad Performance ) -
W.D Zyro -

Number 1:
Nev Plays: Skrillex - First of the Year (Equinox) Launchpad Cover -
SoNevable -

Outro Song/ Ending Song
Tobu - Candyland [NCS Release]
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  • Crazy Games

    Holyshit 70 M vieuws

  • James

    all of there arms are wearing turtle necks

  • Mister I

    Лучшее виидио, мне понравились 0:26

  • number 4

    Thees things are sweet


    2:40 eso es un nepe???

  • Ana Domingues

    Meu deus amei a 9 amei todas kkkl

  • Hafeez Rehman

    The second to last one is basic as f. Shouldn't even be in this list. A new bee can do that.

  • Alex Nino

    1:42 The Nazi sign!!!!!!!

  • Números Teens

    Qual a música do 0:39 segundos ??? Achei muito legall

  • xX SuperPac Xx 2000

    Pause at 2:43 Am I the only one who saw the penis? xD

  • Pechal'ka YV

    2 песня классная песня Ивангая

  • Insert me Me here

    It’s basically a 12 year old Minecraft YouTube channel intro song compilation

  • Paolo Gasparato

    the best in im an albatroz

  • oznur ceker

    abi название видео вы дадите мне название видео: Bum Bum Tam Tam - MC Fioti (Cover Instagram Juacko)🇷🇺🇬🇧

  • Rodrigo Rossi

    Muito bom #wordcupbrazilcamp

  • SlowlyDyingMagikarp

    okay number 2 low key pissed me off since the artist is " OMFG" and for some reason they just downloaded that into their launchpad taking the credit and they didn't even try to remix it or put any of their own effort in it am i just not understanding launchpads i thought you put your work into the launchpad and if its someone elses stuff they remix it yet Hello isn't even remixed??Someone explain to help me chill

  • Anthony Marine

    The super ultra keyboard with skwarrrres

  • PaperLP

    No.2 is shitty as hell

  • Sayed Faishal Ali 97

    Name of the third music

  • Xx AmaZinGxX YT

    No se porque el ultimo me dio presencia nazi !!! V:

  • Petr Grund

    Nejlepší byla písnička 8 7 4 3 1

  • Yerik Morales

    Spectre and FSM were the best

  • Manican Gaming/Yo boi MooMoo

    How much did it cost to get 73m views XD

  • Exonn the Wolf

    0:59 how are they using two hands? I can’t even hold two cups at the same time

  • 정대만

    0:00 What is the title of this song??

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