Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models

We asked four women to participate in a Photoshop experiment. Their reactions to the results will surprise you.
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Huge thanks to Andronica Marquis, Sierra Santana, Kate Reynolds, and Ella Mielniczenko.

Sierra Santana -- Instagram: vivalasantana Twitter: @sierrasantana

Andronica Marquis --

Original photos by Emily Berl --
  • Enter The Meme


  • MCR at the Disco

    Looking at the thumbnail, it genuinely took me several seconds to tell which side of her face was the "cover model".

  • Allison Bozyk

    This is amazing to here as someone with an eating disorder

  • Azizica


  • awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf

    Just change what u want to change don't change everything on a list some insanely high maintenance "cover models " gave you be how you wanna be but be your best self, look and be healthy beautiful and youthful but don't be so different and polished your uncomfortable , don't be afraid to go the extra mile just cause people say your being to hard on yourself if they really wanted you to love everything about yourself they'd respect you enough to see that you do need/ and or want change, in some way or another with time, on a interesting journey, you should be who your meant to be ; truly , reflectively :happy

  • Si Random

    um nah, i want to look hot

  • Whatassignments

    Can we stop shaming models. Models are real people as well, they have feelings and emotions and they work hard for there bodies, stop shaming them

  • Alberto Aguilar

    Hey check this video out she is going to be the next top model

  • Ryan-Moxie Adaway

    Yes, because cover models aren't real women.

  • Sl33py Sh33py

    My dad is running out of work and can't seem to get anymore requests for his job. I'd don't want to see him in a stuck up office job like when he was younger so I ask that if anyone needs his help please contact him...

  • Lauretta Ntiakulu

    before and after looked the same to me apart that you skin was a bit lighter

  • Ira Bakri

    The lady with brunette bob hair is actually very cute.

  • Mrunalini Balagurunathan

    I feel much better after seeing this video, thanks BuzzFeed 😊

  • Tejaswini Rakhonde

    Buzzfeed finally got good photoshop artists!!

  • No one Cares lol

    Remember guysYou are not meant to be perfect,You are meant to be real❤️

  • I hate you all but I wanna seem like I'm nice

    Sierra dafuq are you doing on this video? I thought you had curves as you said in other videos, it's YOUR body that other girls want, not the other way round.

  • Barbie 6

    Just be happy that you are healthy. Life is too short to be obsessed with how you look.

  • Webbs Kruiser

    Kinda funny that the oldest-looking women has the best looking cover version of herself


    never photoshop a model, people can tell. and 'they the people' will tell, and yell FAKE!

  • ben moore

    The girl with the curly black hair and the long brown hair are so bloddy stunning

  • rofrro

    so cover models arent 'real women' then

  • Ayyy Lmao

    This comments section is a breeding ground of insecure women who are afraid of trying to change

  • BeepBeep ZebZeb

    ya take insecure people and show them how u r saying they should look like

  • Payton Blesy

    Why do they always make them look whiter??

  • Meiyu O'sullivan

    I'm so nostalgic of the old buzzfeed. Where they're not trying to be cool or trendy or urban, they're being real. These are real women being honest about how the feel look and think about themselves. They aren't skinny shaming or fat shaming themselves or anybody else. They're being completely honest in front of the camera, not being directed what to say and how to say it. I just want the old buzzfeed back.

  • Mental Pari

  • The 2 Brothers

    What was the app's name?!

  • Unicorn Sydney

    Photoshopping REAL WOMEN into cover models. Does this mean the other cover models are robots or fake people

  • Audra Mae

    they honestly look prettier with their flaws

  • Rainbow Legend

    So cover models aren't real women?

  • John Thomson

    Chasing the American dream... It is an illusion.

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